Friday’s Rants from the Soapbox in my Living Room – An S.O.S for a fellow Mum.

Welcome to my Friday Rants.

Today is slightly different. I’ve got plenty of things I could rant about, but today I’m just focusing on one thing.

I happened to read a Tweet on Twitter last night, a retweet from someone I follow. I opened the link and was taken to a blog. I read the post, and was so impacted by what the blogger wrote and her cry for help, I decided I wanted to share here, to get her more publicity.

She is aware that I’m doing this. Reading her story has made me feel small, put all my/our problems and life issues into proper perspective, and I’m hoping if enough people hear her story she will get what she needs for her, her husband and her family.

This is her husband’s story

This is her blog S.O.S today 

We are very fortunate we do live in a country where health care and welfare benefits are provided. I don’t think anyone is ungrateful for these. Unfortunately with the challenging financial times, and the government “cracking down” and trying to get people off benefits and back to work etc, there are people who are being dramatically impacted by this in the wrong way. If you read her SOS you can see that her husband  is physically disabled, recovering from a serious brain injury, needing care and support 24/7 yet has been invited for a “job interview” and the threat of having his benefits and allowances cut if he does not attend. I actually burst out laughing when I read this, at the stupidity and  that is bureaucracy happening in this case, then I got angry, then I felt like ranting…Yes, there are MANY people living off our system who should be working, yes the system needs to change, in order to be able to survive, but when a family like this is desperate and is being treated by bureaucrats only interested in sticking within their little red taped off area, refusing to see logic or sense, then we do need to start complaining.

This family needs help, support, for the various agencies involved to get their heads together, to work out that Alex cannot work, cannot attend job interviews, needs re-housing so he can come home, that his wife needs financial support and not to lose her benefits etc in order for her to be able to feed, clothe and support herself and her children.

Please read her blog, spread the word, help if you can. I will be contacting her local MP’s, (she has already tried, one of them basically washed their hands of the situation that they in fact have created with all these cuts and bureaucracy) if as many of us as possible start shouting, e-mailing and spreading the word, then maybe we can help her get the support that she, Alex and  her family need.

Her local MP who has refused to help John Howell –

She is also contacting Boris Johnson. I will also be sending him a mail via here

Thanks for reading my Friday Rant.


Update: see this link. The story reached the BBC. Hopefully now things will start to move and processed

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