Friday’s Rants from the Soapbox in my Living Room.

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Welcome to my Friday rants.

We’ve had a quiet week, but I do have some things to get off my chest, so here goes…

People who don’t listen to answer machine messages/read e-mails properly:

How hard can it be? You ring someone, leave a message saying “call me at x time, I am available for a chat to discuss x issue”. The person then calls you either a) when you’re out, then leaves a  message wanting to know where you are, or b) rings you when it’s not convenient to chat ie during the mad bedtime hour, and again gets indignant because you can’t chat to them properly because your children are trying to experiment with your patience by refusing to get ready for bed, fighting over a broken Happy Meal toy, or trying to teach the cat to swim in the bath (Jasper likes water, lest you all feel the need to call the RSPCA, he actually loves bath time , but causes chaos when he tries to get in the bath with the kids) What surprises me is that friends and family who DON’T have children are very good at remembering to ring at sensible times, 95% of the time these calls are from people who have kids and should know better!
Also, people who don’t read e-mails properly and then send you ranting reply mails or more annoyingly, ring you (at bedtime, of course) wanting to know “x” when you actually have already explained “x” in the e-mail, that they’ve not bothered to read. I’m currently trying to start a project working in the community, and I’m finding it particularly frustrating that some of the people I’m trying to work with seem to have an inability to understand that I am a parent, I can’t always speak freely on the phone, and that I don’t always answer my e-mail straight away and it concerns me that I spend hours putting stuff in e-mails, which they don’t read properly.

Bureaucracy again:

Small boy is due for his 2.5 year old “health & developement” check up. The children’s centre (which I tend to avoid like the plague, because I fell out with the nursery nurse at a weight check when he was a baby, who gave me totally incorrect breastfeeding advice, and was utterly useless when I hit rock bottom with his sleep and rang them for help, to be told to “let him scream, it doesn’t matter if he vomits, he needs to learn” or something to that effect, needless to say, I have minimal contact with them) have sent me a letter, telling me he is due for this check up. I dutifully ring them, to make an appointment. The nearest one they can offer me is in, wait for it…. December?? Not only that, but I have to get my childminder to “write a report” on his developement and they also want a printed record of his vaccinations? I’ve made the appointment, my childminder will no doubt be ecstatic at having more paperwork, and I will grit my teeth and attend. I’m grateful we have these services, but often feel patronised, and that actually, a bit cheesed off, frankly, that when I needed help with him, I didn’t get it, and now, when I’m coping better, he’s sleeping better, they suddenly want to know?
To be fair, my health visitor at my GP’s surgery was fantastic, when I sought help for my PPD, but this particular children’s clinic isn’t on my list of favorites.

Teenagers who vomit in my garden at 3am:

Yup, ’tis true, and pretty gross.
We love where we live, we’re very happy. Unfortunately, we do have a problem with some of the local kids, who can be very rowdy when they’ve had a drink or two, and are coming home late at night. This is not the first time. This morning, at 3am, I was woken by yelling and shouting, and apparently, a lad had stumbled off the bus, and decided that our garden wall was the place to deposit the vast quantity of cheap alcohol and chips he’d consumed, which hadn’t agreed with him. I have the delightful job of going to clean it up now. I was young once, I had my fair share of fun, and yes, my own children will hit teenagedom with all its ups and downs, but I’m kind of over the puke in my garden.

On that note, armed with my rubber gloves and bleach, I’m off.
Happy Friday. Please feel free to add your own rants. It would assure me to know what I’m not alone!

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