Friday’s Rants from the Soap Box in my living room….

Welcome to my Friday’s rants from the soapbox in my living room.

I have one rant this week.

People (ie parents) who send their sick children into school…

It’s that time of year, the kids have gone back to school, colder weather is coming and the nasty germs and lurgies are rubbing their hands with glee, as they spread amongst our little cherubs at school, nursery and playgroups.

I don’t have an issue with colds. Everyone gets them, if I kept my kids home every time they had a snotty nose or a cough, we’d be hermits (and I’d go stark raving mad) but I have lost my patience with parents who send actively unwell children into school/nursery, rife with germs which then spread faster than a controversial video on You Tube…
If your child has had a stomach bug, ie vomiting or diarrhoea, they should NOT be in school whilst symptomatic. The teachers do not want to be cleaning up puddles of sick, or worse, and I don’t need to hear my daughter announce cheerfully at pick up time “so and so puked on my shoes in the Library, but I washed the sick off in the sink in the toilet, so they’re ok”. Also, if your child is midst a stomach bug, they probably feel pretty grim, and need to be at home, being looked after.
If your child has a fever, and is miserable, drugging them up with fever reducing medication and sending them to school is also not acceptable. They’re probably ragingly infectious, and are liberally spreading whatever bug they’ve got to their classmates and teachers. Again, they need to be at home, resting.
I know I sound harsh, I know how hard it is when you’re a working parent, to juggle kids, childcare and sickness. I did it. I had to take time off work, which was a pain for my employer, LSH took time of work, and I even roped my father in to help when we got stuck. It sucks, it’s hard, it’s annoying, it’s not convenient. I know all that, but it’s selfish and unfair to send an unwell child to school. If an adult has a stomach bug, they stay home, why are children different? If you’ve got a raging fever, the aches and shakes and feel like death, you stay home and go to bed. Why does your sick kid have to go to school or to other places where they can spread their germs?
I’ve actually challenged parents on this, when they’ve let it slip or even proudly boasted “oh little Rodger had a fever of 39 this morning, but I dosed him up with Calpol and sent him into school, he was a bit dopey, but I’m sure the teacher won’t notice”. Or “Little Clare was sick all over my bed last night, but I couldn’t re-arrange plans I had, so I’ve sent her into school, she hasn’t eaten anything today, I’m sure she won’t be sick again”. Seriously, truly, I wanted to smack them! Don’t do it, folks. Keep your unwell children at home! PLEASE!

Also, for the love of your fellow parents, if your kid comes home with head lice, go to the pharmacist, get some conditioner, some Tea-Tree oil, a nit comb and deal with them. The excuse “oh Little Johnny hates having his hair washed, he screams so much, I don’t want to make him” is THE most inane thing I’ve heard! Grow up, and deal with the bugs.
These are all real stories, I’m not joking or making it up. I sometimes wonder where common sense and consideration have gone, when I hear grown adults spouting this stuff.

On that itchy note (talking about head lice always makes me itch, I don’t know why.) I’m off to enjoy my weekend. Hope you have a good one too! Thanks for reading!

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