20 chore Tuesday

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I have a seriously long list of “to-do’s” which I definitely won’t get done by today’s end, they’ll have to roll over to tomorrow.

  •  vacuum and dust living room
  • clean the sofa’s, wipe down and polish (they’re leather)
  • vacuum and clean kitchen and hall floor
  • fold the mountain of laundry (see photo if you don’t believe me, some days I think people in nudist colony’s have the right idea, when I’m wondering how we get through so much laundry)

  • fold and put away diapers
  • tidy kitchen
  • return call to Amazon about my broken Kindle
  • complete grocery order online
  • work out a suitable photo sharing option. I’ve tried sending a Facebook link to my in-laws (they don’t have FB accounts) but it won’t work. Any suggestions?
  • pick up raisins, milk, filter coffee and baked goods for playgroup on Thursday
  • post Ebay items I’ve sold
  • Nurse appointment for cortisone shot for my arthritis – bad flare, decided I need some relief from the pain. She just needs to chat to me and check how I am before the shot
  • clean the cats tray’s and bowls (they are incredibly messy eaters
  • mend cushion cover from our bedding set
  • prep dinner for tonight and plan for tomorrow
  • clean fridge
  • buy compostable bags for the food recycling bin  LSH did this for me
  • put new car tax disc on car
  • start looking at options for an outing at half term with the kids
  • research ballet shoes – I’ve started a dance class, need to get myself a pair of shoes.
  • clean the stroller, it’s positively disgusting.

I actually haven’t even counted my list. I’d best go and get on with it. Feel very tired and slightly overwhelmed. Small boy has had some good nights, but is still itchy and rashy, so he didn’t sleep well at all last night, must confess I’d prefer to have a nap than actually be productive today. Wish me luck!

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