Saturday Morning Confession Time: My strange phobia…. I hate stairs…

and escalators, and steps… I’m a freak, I know! I loathe stairs. This intense dislike has been compounded by the fact that both my children have taken a turn to tumble-down our staircase at home (fortunately both were unscathed by the experience, I however was utterly traumatized and can still see them falling down when I close my eyes) and I’ve seen someone fall down an escalator and be badly injured. I LOVE our house, our home, but if I could buy my ideal house, it would be stairless. I avoid stairs and escalators where possible, using lifts if I can (which makes me look terribly lazy, but going down steep stair cases or escalators, particularly with children in tow, brings me out in a cold sweat and a mild panic attack sometimes) and since Small Boy’s tumble-down the stairs, which happened recently, I am stricter about stair behaviour. He particularly seems to have a death wish where stairs are concerned, and likes to stand at the top and pretend to “fly”, likes to jump down, and generally induces me to palpitations. I try to keep calm, and be firm but not freaked out around the stairs, I don’t want my kids to pick up and inherit my totally irrational “fear”. We still have a gate at the top of the stairs, and I still keep an eye on Small Boy particularly going up and down them. The stairs in our house (ignore the laundry festooned on the bannister and LSH’s cycle gear) who would have thought something so innocuous looking could make me all sweaty and worried?

I know, ridiculous, and probably slightly paranoid, and I need to get over it. Stairs and escalators aren’t going to go away, are they?

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