Friday’s Rants from the Soapbox in my living room…

Welcome to my Friday rants, a good rant is therapeutic. I’ve linked up with MummyBarrow for her Ranty Friday, feel free to join in and get things off your chest too, here

I have 3 rants this week….

Rant 1:

TFL (Transport For London) Oyster: I am completely floored by how illogical it is. I am totally unable to purchase my monthly bus pass on their system, a fact which I discovered yesterday, when I realised my pass was due to expire. (I know, badly organised on my part) I then tried to top up my Pay As You Go card, instead. I CAN do that, but guess what? I can’t use it straight away… I have to then take myself to Richmond train station to “tap in” to the system, by touching one of the Oyster points, and because I can’t actually use my card, before I’ve done this, I have to pay cash for this journey. This makes NO SENSE! It baffles me as to how illogical this is! Before anyone suggests that you can “tap in” on a bus, thus activating your top up, you CAN’T. I actually rang TFL, and spoke to someone, and they confirmed this was how the system worked, and had no sensible explanation for why. Needless to say, TFL is not on my list of favorite service providers at the moment!

Rant 2:

People who steal/pickpocket:I had my purse rifled through, whilst on a bus last weekend. My bank card, National Insurance and Driver’s licence were stolen. Not only has this caused me some distress as well as a huge inconvenience, having to make calls to cancel, re-order and deal with getting a new driver’s licence card, but now we have to worry about identity theft, and watch our bank accounts closely, and make sure no-one is using my name and details when they shouldnt. I have a name for people who do this sort of stuff, but it wouldn’t be acceptable for me to put it on here. I have muttered it under my breath a few times this week. Yes, I should have been more careful, yes I was utterly distracted by a screaming toddler, on a packed bus, and I was exhausted so was not at my best, but the horrible person who took my cards has really messed up my week, and stressed me out beyond belief. Thankfully I was able to cancel all of them, but I am still concerned about possibly identity theft. People who steal are scum!!

Rant 3:

Inconsiderate people, playing loud music: Every morning, at approximately 620am, a car drives passed our house, down our road, with music blaring. They either have their windows down, or a fairly hefty sound system, and they play the same song every day. (I haven’t worked out what it is yet) I’m not sure why they do this? Maybe their job is so awful that they have to motivate themselves by blaring loud music, as they drive. Maybe they’re not fully awake and the music springs them into action. Whatever the reason, it’s becoming annoying. It’s incredibly inconsiderate and selfish. It wakes me up, and has woken Small Boy up as well, several times. I’m contemplating going out in my pajamas with my scary morning (had no coffee) face and yelling at them. It seems to scare the badgers off, so it might be worth a try! (If I can work out where they live, I might have to go round to their house early one  Saturday morning with the children, taking Big Girls toy electric guitar and piano, and serenade them, am sure that they’ll appreciate the experience!)

Those are my rants for this week. I’m sure I’ll be back with more next week. Have a good weekend!

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