Friday’s rants from the Soap Box in my living room!

Welcome to my Friday Rants! I’ve linked up with MummyBarrow, for her Ranty Friday. Come and join in, and get things off your chest. A good rant can be therapeutic….

To be honest, whilst I have got a lot I could rant about, today, I’m so tired, and feeling a bit under the weather, that I can’t actually summon up the energy to put into words  my fury at TFL increases bus and travel fares again, or at how annoyed I am that people think it’s ok to bring their kids to things involving other children whilst their child is still suffering stomach bug symptoms, thus sharing the germ love further afield (how kind, sharing is caring, isn’t it?) Nor do I have the energy to rant about having to spend hours waiting in a call queue to get through to the tax man to try to work out a tax issue we may or may not need to sort out (no-one seems to know if it is or isn’t something we need to deal with, I can’t get a straight answer, despite having spent the better part of an hour on the phone yesterday talking to 3 different people)

No, today, I’m too tired to moan. I’m feeling sorry for myself. I’m struggling yet again with sleep deprivation.  Small boy has hit a particularly bad patch, and I am running on very little sleep, and still need to be working at full capacity in all areas of my life. I’m afraid I have no tolerance for the person who complained of being tired, because they chose to stay up all night, and play online games til 4am, then had to go to work, or the person who complains because their next door neighbours kids woke them at 9am on Saturday morning, when they wanted their lie in, and I have no tolerance for people telling me “it’s just a phase”, because DAMMIT, I WANT SOME SLEEP!! I know there are families out there who are going through far worse than this, I know I’m selfish, and I’m whining, I know! I would hurl myself in front of a ten tonne truck for my little boy, I adore him, my heart aches with love for him, but you know what, today,  I am weak, and today, I am on the verge of tears, from lack of sleep. We will survive, this little blip will pass, and it will get better, but this is my blog, so today, you get to hear me bemoan my lack of sleep!

So, sorry folks, no earth shattering rants from me today. I’m lying low,  with the kids today. Big Girls is staying off school, Small Boy will get to stay in his pj’s today. We’ve all got a flu bug, we’re full of snot, we’ve got a bad case of the grumps, and I don’t want to rant, I want to sleep, and that’s not going to happen, so I pick myself up, drink more coffee, and plough on….

Have a good weekend. I will be back on better form, next week, I promise!

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  1. Stay put and stay warm, like a day on the couch under blanket with hot drink or 3 and lots and lots of TV . Hope you get some shut eye and feel better .

    • Thanks! We’ve been holed up all morning. Matthew is a little stir crazy, I may bundle him up and throw him out into the garden for some fresh air, he’s the wellest of us, just seems to be a heavy cold for him, no fever, he’s eating like a horse!

  2. Sex – what’s that? And as for sharing the sick bug love…. I wish I was lying low this weekend but instead we have an action packed one planned – admittedly with dear friends but I’m thinking that next week is going to be absolute hell…

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