60 Day Facebook and Twitter Blackout

So, I’m giving up Facebook and Twitter for 60 days….

Those of you who know me, know I am a prolific user of Facebook and Twitter, and frankly, I am a bit of a social media addict. I do spend a lot (too much) time on both. I decided, to honour my Mum, and to raise some money for Myeloma UK, to have a 60 day “social media” blackout. I will be handing over the passwords to my Tiwtter and Facebook accounts, to my husband, and signing off from the 1st of January 2013.

Why? You ask?

My mother, Eileen, died just after Christmas, in 1994, from complications related to her treatment of Multiple Myeloma. She was diagnosed with MM in October 1994 and was having chemotherapy. The type of Myeloma she had, was very rare for a woman her age. Before she was diagnosed we had never heard of the disease, and 18 years ago the treatment was pretty crude and basic. They have come a long way, and made new advances and progress in the treament of Myeloma since then, and I think my Mum would be pleased that I can raise some money to help further this cause.

I also recently read a beautifully written blog post by Clare Kirkpatrick on why she closed her Facebook account, and it struck a real chord with me, and made me think about my usage of Facebook, and the effect it has on me, and how much time (too much) I spend on it.

So, I decided to have a blackout. 60 days of no Facebook and no Twitter. I will be handing over the passwords to both accounts to LSH at 12pm on Jan 1st 2013. He will change the passwords and I won’t be able to access them. I will continue to blog and will probably write about my experience and how I’m doing, and my blog’s Facebook page will be updated with my blog posts, but it will be set up automatically and there will be no actual contact from me.

I have a Just Giving Page if you felt the urge to support the financial side of this blackout. The details are here

For updates check here, so far so good! 😉

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