Today, I’d like to be a cat….

Well, this blog is titled the “MAD CATS and babies” so you have to expect the odd piece about the cats themselves!

This was Jasper, today, asleep on my bed, curled up, hiding away.


It’s clearly a hard life…..

This is what I’d like to do today. I want to curl up, in a warm spot, pull the covers over me, and sleep. Pretend that there is nothing I need to do, and just doze away. I am slightly envious of Jasper today.

It’s cold, damp and miserable. The house is chaotic, because we’ve had a very busy and social weekend, with family and friends, and the children have had a play-date here this morning. I have a to-d0 list as long as my arm, baking to do for tomorrow’s Toddler Music class, and the laundry mountain is threatening to mutiny if I don’t tackle it soon. Small Boy didn’t have a good night last night, so I am more tired than normal, and I have loaded up with coffee, and I have even had a glass of Coke, with my lunch, which is a rare treat for me, but I’m justifying it because I am so tired and need the boost of sugar and caffeine.

So, no curling up in a warm spot for me today, I plod on. I think we might go for a walk to Richmond and do some shopping, and I will make some sort of casserole for supper to warm us all up.

Happy Monday folks.  Have a good  week!

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