So, the Facebook thing? One month in….


Today is the 2nd of February  I have done 31 days of no Facebook. I have had LSH update me with news, so he is filling me in on the gossip and any exciting news. You know, weddings, babies, pregnancies, engagements, birthday’s and all that, and he has mentioned some funny status updates etc, but apart from my Music and Toddler groups, which are updated by LSH and friends who are  doing my admin for me, I mail updates, they have access to the pages, so they then post stuff there,  to keep them updated and running,  I am still not on Facebook or Twitter. I have to say, it has been OK. I have actually found I have managed quite well. I do still miss the news, updates and general chit chat, and I must admit, I have definitely had things I have wanted to share on there, but you know what? Life does go on, it is possible to survive without these things, I am living proof! 😉

I am trying to decide what I will actually do when I do return to Facebook. I may keep my account, and carry on as I was before, or I may covert the account to a page, and link it with my blog, that way, if you want to follow and keep up with me and my rants and ramblings , you can, but you can also control your feed so I don’t clog you up. If I do this, I will open a private page for friends and family, who can see more personal stuff and more photos, that way I can still keep up with all the lovely people I want to on FB but maybe manage it more effectively. I may also close the account altogether. I am still thinking about it. I love Facebook, but it really did take over my life, and I let it, and I am not sure I want to go back to that. So watch this space I guess, I will let you all know what I decide! I will definitely be going back to Twitter, but again, will be moderating my use, and making sure I don’t over do it. I don’t NEED these things, they are fun, and can be good, but I think with my slightly addictive personality, I need to exert some control, and I plan to, when I finish my blackout!

Please feel free to visit my Just Giving Page if you wish to donate. I figure those of you who didn’t think I would last, can now put your money where your mouth is, seeing as I have done my part of the deal…. 😉

I worked out that 60 days is actually not the 1st of March, because of February being a short month, so I will be slinking back into social media on  the 2nd of March. Wonder if anyone will notice? 🙂

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    • It’s actually not been as bad as I thought, I seem to have coped better than I think people thought I would. I definitely will be moderating how much time I spend there when I go back! 🙂

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