1. I’ve just discovered our local Tesco has an American food section, with all sorts of goodies. I haven’t seen Poptarts in years, was so excited! Very ’80’s and not entirely on the nutritious side, but I secretly love them so of course bought myself some! I do feel a bit old though, too! πŸ™‚

    • I’ve spend a fair bit of time in the US, and some of the flavours they have there are one’s I have only seen there, and they have US labelling, so I think they are imported from the US. I did ask, and the Tesco customer services lady said you should be able to get Poptarts online, but some flavours were “exclusive” to a few stores, depending on demand for it. She said the US food section is incredibly popular! They had Mac’n’Cheese, breakfast cereals you can only get in the US and my favourite brand of peanut butter as well.

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