So 10km is 6.2 miles…..?

I think? Or at least that is what my converter thingo on my BlackBerry told me last night, as I rather foolishly signed myself up for a 10km river run, in Richmond, in September of this year. I will be raising money for Myeloma UK, which is the charity I am fundraising for on my Social Media Blackout. I have SEVEN months, to lose 30lb, get fit, get in shape, take care of my dodgy knee, and be able to run 10km in a reasonable time!

Yes, I must be mad, yes I am wigging out slightly, 24 hours after filling in the forms and sending them my entrants fee!

Watch this space for why I decided to do it, and I am sure I will be keeping you all updated with my progress as I work towards it.

I have run before, but only 5 and 7k races, and not since before I was pregnant with Small Boy. In fact, I ran a 5k the week before we found out he was due (before the HEG kicked in), that was my last time!


All I can say is GULP!


The Richmond River Run 10K
Kew Green / Thames Towpath /
Old Deer Park
Kew , Richmond


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  1. Go for it! I did my first 10k run in November and until that point had never run further than 7. You will be fine on the day you have plenty of time. Until last July I had never run before and am now in training for the Richmond half marathon in May. Running is addictive if you set yourself little goals! Really well done!

    • Thanks. Appreciate the encouragement! I looked at the Richmond 1/2 Marathon in May and knew I wasn’t up for that this year. Maybe next year! Good luck to you though for it! πŸ™‚

  2. I’m tempted to go for this. I’m running a 5K in June and wanted another goal. Maybe that will be it as its local for me! You can do it if you out your mind to it and train enough πŸ™‚

    Ps: take a look at my latest post Bout ‘juneathon’

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