ARGHHH!! Sales calls!!



Ok, I know it’s not Friday, so technically I should not be ranting, but having just received a 3rd sales call today, on a number that is supposed to be “unlisted” and on the “do-not call” lists, I am feeling a little IRATE!!

The last call went something like this:

Caller: Hello, is that Karen?

Me: Yes, how can I help you?

Caller: I am calling from OpenReach, today, to see if you can spare a few minutes to answer some questions so we can help provide you with better service?

Me: What is OpenReach? I don’t recall using a company or service by that name? What do you do?

Caller: Well, we’re just doing a quick survey, to see if you are happy with certain products and we are asking people who have been tricked into financial scams, for their thoughts?

Me: Oh, ok, so what services exactly do you provide so I can recall if I have used your company?

Caller: Um, I don’t know, but can you tell me who your current broadband provider is?

Me: So you’re calling to sell me broadband or try and get me to move providers?

Caller: No, we’re doing a survey to see how satisfied you are with your current provider?

Me: well, you’re calling from OpenReach, which is part of BT, who are a broadband provider, so basically, you are trying to sell me their products? (I knew who they were, I was fishing to see how the call would go)

Silence from the other end of the phone for a minute…

Caller: So, can I ask you about your current provider?

Me: no, I am very happy with my current provider, I don’t want to change, and I would like you to take my number off my database and not call me again, please?

Caller: Oh, are you sure?

Me: Most definitely, please take my number off, and if you call me again, I will be complaining to OffCom

Caller: Can I talk to you about the great service we provide?

Me: No, please, I am not interested, I am hanging up now! Goodbye!

They then tried to call back 5 minutes later….

GRRRR! I hate cold calls, sales calls, PPI claims calls… SERIOUSLY!

As a teenager, I worked for a double glazing company, who cold called, for one summer. It was  a HORRIBLE job, I hated it, I was dreadful at it, and quit as soon as I could. I know it’s a job, and I would never swear or shout at anyone, I am always polite, but firm, but the woman on the other end of the phone basically was determined to sell me BT products  and  I was having none of it!

Our number has clearly been put on a calling database again, I will have to go and have it removed, AGAIN!

I wish they would tighten up the laws on cold calling and sales calls, they are annoying, and I don’t think I have ever bought or signed up for something via a cold call or sales call!


I’m linking this up with MummyBarrow’s Ranty Friday, although technically when I wrote this, in a fit of rage, it was Thursday. Feel free to come and join the linky. A good rant is therapeutic!

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  1. Hiya. Have you thought of joing the TPS? It’s a free impartial website you can add your name and telephone number to. By law every call centre has to run the TPS database through their database before calling. It takes about 6 mths to start to notice the difference. Then, for any naughty sales calls, you just tell them that you are on the TPS and you’ll shop them, and they’ll be off the phone.

    • We did sign up for them, which is why I don’t get why we are suddenly cold callers paradise again! The only thing I can think of is that Argos apparently sell your number to companies, when you buy from them online, and we MAY not have ticked the “don’t pass our number” box when we bought our daughter’s new bed from them! Grrrr!!

  2. I had one of these on my mobile when I was away earlier this week. From Sky!!!

    I was like “please sod off” We have the top package you offer, dont you dare try and fleece me for anymore.

    And hung up, I hate them. And always at tea time

    • Virgin have tried that with us. Offering us “faster” broadband (when we have their best package already) and trying to persuade us to spend a fortune to have a TIVO box installed (£50 quid for someone to come round, unplug the current box, plug a new one in, and stick a smart card in it, apparently?)
      I think I might just start answering these calls in French, or make up a new language and pretend I can’t understand them or heavy breathe or something…. 😉

  3. I had lots of these calls and most were very persistent, i have found something that works ” i am bankrupt and rent my property with utilities all in” – is all lies but i have found it took a few weeks but now they dont call at all!

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