• The random hoarding of a 2.5 year old. He’s been secreting stuff in there all week, I think. I have been hunting for the lipstick and nappy sacks since Wednesday! 🙂

    • No, my son has a bag he take to his childminder, I was emptying it out, yesterday, and found all the random things he had “collected” over the week!

    • Thanks. I am still working on it. M collected a lot of random stuff in his bag for the childminder’s this week, I was cleaning it out. I wondered where the nappy sacks went. Our washing machine died, so he is in sposies til it is replaced and I have been looking for the nappy sacks since Wednesday!

  1. I have been looking for the lipstick all week, he has been collecting and hoarding in his bag, that he takes to the childminders! Was hilarious clearing it all out!

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