Thursday’s Photo Dump – Happy Valentines Day!

We don’t tend to make a huge thing out of Valentines Day. LSH is out tonight, I am out tomorrow night. We have a nice dinner planned for the weekend, instead!

However, Big Girl did an afternoons crafting and painting at our local pottery painting place this week and produced a rather beautiful Valentines masterpiece for LSH and I, which she presented to us this morning! Made me all teary…


She also made us all cards, including one for her brother. Who needs fancy dinners, expensive hot housed flowers and champagne, when I have all the love I need, in some simple, hand crafted art from my precious girl!

Some other  photos from the week… A chocolate covered, curly-haired boy, Mad Cat 1 trying to look cute, little cherubs on a bus, Big Girl earning her pocket-money by helping fold cloth nappies, how to drink hot chocolate with a straw, some rather delicious lemon cheesecake, and other randomness!

IMG_3670   IMG_3669   IMG00131-20130202-1127   IMG00137-20130205-0915 IMG00140-20130208-1615   IMG00152-20130209-1531   IMG00153-20130209-1531   IMG00157-20130209-1536IMG00166-20130209-1610

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