Happy Birthday Grandpa Ian in South Africa!

Both my children’s grandfather’s are Ian, Small Boy’s middle name is Ian, after both of them. My father is Grandad Ian, LSH’s father is Grandpa Ian. It is Grandpa Ian, in South Africa’s birthday today.    We asked him if it was ok if we shared this on the blog, and I was looking through some old photos from family visits (they visit every other year, in the summer) and thought it would be nice to put some pictures up and wish him a


Grandpa Ian, we hope you have a lovely day! Lots of love from far away, in cold, wet, slightly snow inclined London. See you in the summer, hopefully the weather will have improved when you arrive in August!

 IMG_0555IMG_1860IMG_1875IMG_184624-Story time with Grandpa IanIMG_1888

I managed to get Big Girl to sing Happy Birthday, and sent a special SmileBox card via e-mail. Small Boy, proved totally camera shy, and despite my pestering him for nearly a week, refused to perform in any way, shape or form. Below, is the best video I could get of him, singing Happy Birthday to you, a brief clip. Click on it, hopefully it will work!

Matthew sings Happy Birthday

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