Thursday Photo Dump


We took a walk to Ham House this week, which is literally ten minutes away from us, and is beautiful, both inside the house, and in the gardens. We mainly go to the gardens, because Small Boy isn’t really suited to beautiful old houses with lots of fragile antiques just yet, but the gardens themselves are lovely and we had a fun walk in the sunshine.

We also had a rather late celebration of Big Girl’s birthday, which technically was in December, but for logistical reasons, we celebrated today. Most of her classmates and some non school friends came, 27 children, lots of noise, cake, pizza and fun! I haven’t put any actual party pictures in because there are none of her on her own, and I don’t feel comfortable putting photos of other peoples children on the blog without asking them but you can see the Minnie Mouse cake she had!

Other random photos added! Layla has taken to sleeping and almost living in a box that came with a delivery recently. She was most unhappy when the children decided it was their box to play in!

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