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My Magic Moment this week is short and simple. This letter arrived on Tuesday. My Small Boy was offered his place at Nursery in September, at the school we wanted. We are very pleased, although I cried when the letter arrived. This time 3 years ago he wasn’t even here, we had a month until his due date, and now he will be at nursery in September, and then I have to apply for his Reception place for September 2014. Where has my baby gone?

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    • Thanks! I have to buy uniform for him, and school shoes… Sniff, he’s not my baby any more, he’s so big! 🙂

  1. Congratulations on getting the place you wanted! They grow so quick don’t they 🙁 My little boy started school last September and has changed so much. Make the most of the last year you have a little boy before you know it he will be at school and you will be wondering where he has gone!

  2. That’s great news! They really do grow up so fast, you don’t quite believe it when you are swimming in nappies and bottles but suddenly it’s school time! lovely #magicmoment x

  3. Aw so pleased you got the place you wanted!! I remember that day the letter came through, such a big moment 🙂 Huge day when they start…I was a mess 😉 The time goes so fast! Xx

    • Thank you! I am dreading the day he starts. I howled all the way home from dropping Em off on her first day (she was fine, I was a wreck!)

  4. Time goes so fast, doesn’t it? So pleased you got a place at your nursery of choosing. I believe it’s getting harder and harder in the UK to get your school of choice. Now it’s time to worry about the first day 😉

    • It is getting harder and harder. We are very lucky we have a school on our doorstep almost, and Em got in there, so he had a higher chance of getting in, and he is likely to get a place next year, as well, but it is tough, generally. Trying not to think about the first day too much! 😉

  5. Aw how lovely and scary too at how quickly they grow. My eldest girl is 3 today! we are waiting for her nursery letter and every time we drive past it, she points and says there’s my school. It’s lovely, but seems to happen so so fast

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