Magic Moments – 3rd Time Lucky!

I’m linking up with Jaime from The Oliver’s Mad House, for her Monday Magic Moments. She has a lovely blog, and this is going to be a fun and interesting linky. Why don’t you join in?

My Magic Moment this week is an old one. I wanted to write about my first visit to South Africa, but I am having trouble digging out some of the photos from our ancient and cranky computer, so that will be for next week.
7 years ago this week, we found out we were pregnant, with Big Girl. This was not my first, or even 2nd pregnancy, but my 3rd. I had, in fact recently had my second, painful and very unpleasant miscarriage, and we had decided to take a break, to stop trying to conceive, and let my body and both our emotions heal. I was taking hormone supplement, to help with the issues that were causing the miscarriage, which after hassling my GP and seeing a private Gynaecologist, were diagnosed,  but wasn’t expecting it to work so quickly. I was battling with a lot of emotions. I was angry that we were finding something that “should” be so easy, actually very hard, and recovering physically from the miscarriage and procedure I had to have to have to help finish of what the miscarriage had started but not completed, further adding to my pain and discomfort. I was also angry and bitter, because the week we had lost our 2nd pregnancy, no less than 3 friends had announced they were pregnant “unexpectedly” or “without really trying” when we had been trying for 18 months and failed. I was happy for them, but bitter at the same time.

I had some signs I “might” be pregnant, and was on a day off from work, so decided to pop across the road to the supermarket, near where we lived, to get a pregnancy test.

I did the test, and the FAINTEST of lines appeared. I didn’t believe it, so did the second test, when I next needed to go to the bathroom. It also had those tell-tale 2 lines. I then freaked out, and went back to the supermarket and bought 4 more tests. Over the next two days I tested, and got more positive results. I finally told LSH by laying them all out on the table, and telling him when he came home from work. I still couldn’t believe it, and did 4 more tests in that week, yes, I took 12 pregnancy tests. LSH made me stop, it was getting expensive!  I finally plucked up the courage to ring my GP, to see her, and when I went in, she did another test, and also took blood to do a Beta test, which would confirm that I was pregnant, by showing a rise in certain hormones. She called me with the results 2 days later and the numbers were as she put it ‘doing nicely’ and I finally accepted that we were pregnant again. I continued the hormone regime, and we managed to get past the dreaded 6 week mark (when I lost my other pregnancies) and the relief at our 12 week scan, was amazing.

After all the heartache, two painful miscarriages, a fair number of doctors appointments, some fairly unpleasant and undignified poking and prodding, and hormone treatment, we finally were blessed with a healthy pregnancy and the throwing up until 28 weeks and various other issues we struggled with, were all worth it. We were very fortunate not to have more fertility issues, and I realise that ours were mild in comparison to what some women struggle with, and we were lucky to be able to access private health care, when the NHS fobbed us off and told us to “go away and keep trying” when I KNEW I had issues. I am very grateful for my children.  Sadly, I can’t find the original photo of the test pictures I took.

So, that’s my Magic Moment for this week. Come and check out the other posts, click on the Linky below!

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  1. I actually had tears in my eyes reading this. You went through so so much. I can’t imagine how happy you were when it all finally happened from you. An amazing post xx

    • Thank you. It wasn’t easy, I am very grateful for my children, I know there are far more complicated fertility issues out there, we were fortunate we were able to work ours out and get pregnant.

    • It wasn’t an easy experience, I don’t think it’s something you realise how hard it is, until you go through it. (That makes no grammatical sense, I realise, I haven’t had enough coffee today 😉 ) Thanks for commenting.

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