Gluten free, goats cheese on toast with basil and tomatoes!

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I often have people asking me what I actually feed LSH, because if his cows  milk and gluten intolerance issues. I think the idea of not using wheat and cows milk products can be quite scary for someone, when they aren’t used to adapting recipes, or finding alternative ingredients.

This recipe is a snack/light lunch, that I use often, as a quick meal, for LSH and the kids and I love it too. It is made with gluten-free bread, from Genius, which as far as I can find, make the best commercial, available in most supermarkets, gluten-free sliced bread, useful for toast and sandwiches etc. You can of course, make it with normal bread as well.

You need:

6 slices of bread, toasted lightly

a dozen or so cherry tomatoes, washed and sliced in half

a round of soft goats cheese, that is a cream cheese consistency

a handful of fresh basil leaves, chopped or cut finely (I just cheat and cut the leaves with scissors)

one clove of garlic, finely mashed

3 tbsp. of good quality olive oil

A hot grill oven

Mix the basil, mashed garlic, and olive oil into the goats cheese, until well blended in. Taste, and if you want to add some salt, feel free, I find goats cheese is salty enough, it doesn’t need it, but it’s an individual taste thing.

Spread the mix on toast, then pop some sliced tomatoes on the cheese. Put them under  a hot grill for about 2-3 minutes until the tomatoes are slightly toasted and the cheese has melted a little.

Serve immediately. This goes down a treat with a glass of cold white wine, but that’s just for the weekends, of course! 😉

So there you go, a tasty,  a gluten-free lunch or snack, that’s easy to prepare!

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