Surving Hayfever season, without taking medication!

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I struggle with mild allergies. I am allergic to cats (ironic, really given we have two, and one that sheds fur like no other cat I have ever seen, being half Persian in origin) and I also struggle with hay fever, and seasonal allergies. I don’t like taking standard anti-histamines or anti allergy medication, and if I can avoid them, I will, but often, when the pollen count is high, my nose is streaming, my eyes are watering, and I am sneezing every 2 minutes, I get very miserable, and will resort to taking them. I don’t like taking them, because unfortunately, I am in the small percentage of the population, who struggles with what is known as the paradoxical effect. Basically, if I take a medication, that would make a normal person a bit sleepy and dopey, it usually has the opposite effect and makes me hyper, and jittery, and I have taken medications before, known, normally for the sedative properties, and been awake all night, unable to think straight, and twitchy and feeling like my body wasn’t mine. This happens with some of the more commonly prescribed anti-allergy medication. The ones that are not supposed to make me drowsy, cause my throat and mouth to dry out, and leave me with a funny taste in my mouth, and to be honest, I don’t find that pleasant, and I would rather sneeze than have a metallic, burnt taste in my  mouth all day. I am a bit of a mad hippy, and don’t like taking medications, unless I really need them, so basically, I suffer, through the spring and early summer, and autumn. I have tried alternative remedies, and herbal tinctures and various non medicinal treatments, without much luck.

So, when I was asked to review Nasal Guard, Allergie Block, I jumped at the chance. I figured it certainly couldn’t hurt to try something new. Allergie Bloc,  is a non perfumed, gel that you apply around your nostrils, which according to their description “creates a positively charge gel that blocks negatively charged allergens before they enter your nose” and it’s leaflet, which I read thoroughly, claims it helps to prevent runny, itchy nose, sneezing and congestion. I must admit, I was a bit phased by the sciencey sounding description of what it does, and having tried nose balms before, was a little sceptical, but I have to say, so far, it has worked.

The gel is supposed to be applied around your nostrils and above your top lip, and is odorless, colourless, and didn’t seem to be  a problem in terms disturbing my make up. You are advised to apply it daily, after bathing/showering, before bedtime, and after main meals and if your face gets wet or sweaty.

I have been applying the gel 2-3 times a day. It’s a small tube, but a little goes a long way, and it isn’t greasy, it doesn’t smell or show up, once it is on the skin round my nose, and it seem to be working. So far, with the weather slowly warming up and the pollen count on the rise, I have had fewer issues, than I would if I wasn’t taking any medications. I am using an eye spray, for dry eyes, in conjunction with the gel, and between the two, I am coping remarkably well. If I find myself feeling a bit sneezy or my nose gets itchy, I simply re-apply the gel, and it seems to keep my symptoms at bay.

So, I am delighted to find that I have a non medicinal solution, to hay fever, this summer. The added bonus to this gel, is that it is safer to use in pregnancy and breastfeeding, as you are not ingesting any medications that might be contra-indicated during those times, and as we are planning to possibly add a 3rd baby to the Mad House, this will be handy to have, I remember feeling very miserable with hay veer when pregnant, and not able to take any medications to bring me any relief, and a lot of anti-histamines, may be considered safe to take when breastfeeding, but can dry up milk supply, so when I was breastfeeding, I was also miserable, during the months of summer, and when the cats were shedding more fur, and I found my allergic symptoms increased.  I am pleased to have found something that works, and works well. I am looking forward to enjoying less sneezing, and not having an itchy nose and tickly throat this summer and hopefully not having to take anti-histamines!

This post was written by me, with no financial compensation, and is all my own words and opinion. I was sent samples of Nasal Guard to try.

*In no way is any of this blog content medical advice. Always seek advice or information from a qualified medical practitioner if you have any concerns when using any products if pregnant, or breastfeeding.*


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