Meet Big Girl in person. Her first blog post!


So, my 6 year old, known here as Big Girl, decided she wanted to write a blog post, by herself, to tell you a bit more about her, in her own words. I helped her with some of the spelling and a little bit with the typing, and she read it all through, did her own editing and approved it before I hit publish.

Without further ado, I hand you over. Beaming with pride, she loves writing, maybe one day, I will be reading her blog posts on her own blog!

My name is Emily. I am six and a half years old. I am enjoying school and learning lots of fun things. I like going to ballet and my favourite sport is swimming. I am hoping to get my silver swimming  badge this summer.

candles for blog1

This is me, when I had my 6th birthday. I was born just after Christmas.

I like watching CBeebies, my favourite programme is Get Well Soon. I want to be a nurse when I grow up, like my Mummy.

I like reading and writing.

I love my baby brother, also I like playing with him, but sometimes he is naughty. I am never naughty.

EM for E blog1

Me and my brother, playing in the snow

I like having my toe nails and finger nails painted, right now, they are blue, purple and sparkly.

My best friends are Jodie, Lucy and Alexi.

Mummy sometimes gets a bit grumpy, because she says my bedroom is messy. I like my room when it is messy, but I do help her to make it tidy again.

This is my cat, Jasper. He is one and a half years old old. He likes to eat a lot, I love playing with him, and he sleeps on my bed at night.

Jasper for Em's post1

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  1. Aww Emily it’s lovely to meet you!! My bedroom always used to be messy and it drove my mum potty. I’m really impressed with your blog post and don’t think it will be long before we see a blog all of your own 🙂 xxx

    • Em says thanks. She loved writing it and wants to do more. I may be made redundant! 🙂

  2. I love that Emily is never naughty 🙂 Fantastic blog – very well written and informative.

    • Thanks Dee. That bit made me laugh so much. To be fair, she rarely is naughty, I must admit! 🙂

  3. Hello Emily. I know what it’s like having a naughty little brother! Like you, I was never naughty!

    Jasper is a beautiful cat; he looks like he gives good cuddles.

    What a lovely post 🙂 xx

    • Emily says that Jasper is very cuddly! She wants to know when your brother stopped being naughty? 🙂

  4. Emily, I feel really honoured that you have shared your first blog post with PoCoLo. You’ve written really well and I look forward to reading your own blog one day. Love that you want to take after your Mummy. Karen – you have a lovely girl 🙂 xx

    • Thank you. She is keen to do more, I may have to give her her own segment on the blog! 🙂

    • She says thank you and already has her next topic planned. I suspect she would like her own blog, maybe when she is older! 🙂

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