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Welcome to my Friday’s Rants from the Soap Box in my Living Room. A small space in the week where I can have a chunter about things that have made me twitch with annoyance or made me question if the world has gone mad or not….
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This weeks rant is about scooters, or mini motor bikes, the ones you can ride without a full drivers licence… I have just checked, and whilst you still have to pass a safety test, and check, you still only have to have a provisional drivers licence. moped


We live in a lovely area, I generally like where we live, and hope we never have to move far from here. We are very happy.

However, we have an issue, with the local “youth” (I use that term loosely, because some of the culprits are well into their 20’s and hardly what I would categorise as youth) who like to ride up and down our road, and the road next to us, which is long, and straight and a perfect racing track, at night, revving their engines on what we now, not so fondly term, “hairdryer’s with engines”. In the past week, these delightful machines, have been driven past our house, and up and down the road, a number of times, revving loudly,  at 11:30pm, 12am, 12:45am, and even 3am! They are not quiet, and it is not just someone popping out, arriving home, or whatever, they are deliberately riding them up the road, as noisily as possible. Last year, two of the ringleaders of this lovely little gang of Hells Angels wannabees, (they would like to think they are cool, but really, they just look stupid, with their tiny, noisy little machines, with L plates on, with their bums hanging out the back of their shorts) were cautioned, by the police,  and their “vehicles”, so I suspect it’s time for the neighbours and I to contact our lovely (and they are) local Police station (we have our own, aren’t we lucky) and ask them to come out and deal with the noisy miscreants before someone sets up a trip wire in the street! (I am only joking, I promise, but it has been muttered by more than one person, locally)

I am all for the joy of youth, and having fun, and enjoying life, but if zipping up and down the road at 3am, on your piddly little moped, is all that thrills you, while you wake up the whole street, then really, I have to wonder. We all know where this little “biker” gang live, so it wont be long before, hopefully they are told to behave by the police, and peace and quiet rules the neighbourhood again! But, it feels good to rant!


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  1. Arrrrgh, 3am must be so annoying. They make a lot of noise for something so small looking. A 16 year old that worked for my hubby got one and he used to arrive at work and say things like “I only crashed it 4 times today!”. Ouch!

    • They are so dangerous as well. There have been two accidents this month, near us, involving them. They don’t wear helmets either! I think you should be fully licensed and have passed the proper test to have them. They can be bought so cheaply, too, second or 3rd hand or from scrap dealers!

  2. Omg I hate these stupid things! The area where we are has had some issues with those silly off road bikes & the local council sorted & there are now warning signs saying that they’re not allowed in this area and that the bikes will be seized! Result! Definitely get onto the police and the council about it x

    • I have mailed the police, and apparently so have several other people, and they have said they will sort it out! Am glad our local police are very pro active and respond!

  3. I hate these with a vengeance as everyone aged 14-18 in France has one (you can have one at 14 there and can’t drive on your own until you’re 18). They’re so noisy! Totally with you on this rant.

    • I have mailed the police, and so have lots of other people in the street, they got back to me and said they will be looking into it and sorting it out asap! 🙂

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