Magic Moments – We laugh more than we cry!

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I must admit, I thought that I didn’t really have  much to share, in terms of Magic Moments this week. It’s been hard, in terms of sleep, Small Boy has struggled a lot this week, and of course, I am tired, and then Big Girl caught a virus, and was unwell for a couple of days with a fever and a sore throat, so we were housebound, which is always a bit of a strain, for a family that likes to be out and about when we can.

I realised, on Saturday, after we had been out for a walk, into Richmond, that we laugh, more than we cry, and I want it to stay that way. We have had a tough ish, time, with lack of sleep, trying to balance things in our lives, deal with adjustments and changes, some expected and planned for, some not, which we have to deal with, even if we aren’t happy with them, job stress (Mainly LSH, I usually potter on, with my work) and the usual things life throws at us, death, new life, financial ups and downs, and when you are dead tired, and seriously lacking in sleep, and the energy and strength that sleep brings, it is sometimes hard to see the good when the challenges are thrown at us. We haven’t had things as hard as some people, I know, both personally, and in blogging land, and when I feel sorry for myself, and am wallowing in a sleep deprived pity party, I have to remind myself of this. We have each other, we have a roof over our heads, we are all fairly healthy, and doing ok. Life throws things at us, that we have to walk through, but as long as we can love each other, and laugh, we will be OK! Magic Moments can be small things, that make a day more bearable, and get me through, like hearing my children giggle, when they are enjoying themselves, or a simple candlelit meal with LSH at the end of the day, video calling my Dad, on the other side of the world, in Hawaii,  or time with special friends, these things make us smile, and they are special. We  will laugh, more than we will cry!

Have a lovely week, and don’t forget to join The Oliver’s Mad House linky for more Magic Moments!

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  1. Awww such a wonderful post. Its so true, its the littlest things that make the biggest difference. We’ve had a tough time recently. My youngest has decided that sleep is over rated lol and as such the whole family is suffering. On the days when ive popped proplus like sweets hearing him giggle away makes me realise everything is ok in my little world!

  2. “Magic Moments can be small things, that make a day more bearable” – such wise words and spot on! I guess we really need to keep an eye out for them and make sure that they’re not missed, but it can be tricky sometimes!

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