Wordless Wednesday – Olives….


Are the currency of 3 year old’s in our house, given the choice, Small Boy (and his sister) will pick them over even sweet treats. He loves all kinds, even the spicy ones. He’s been eating them since he was starting solids, we did Baby Led Weaning! I love this photo of him, helping Daddy to choose from the deli counter.

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  1. Thats amazing, never liked olives my son was and still is the same with berry fruit often choosing the green grocers to buy some strawberry’s and eating the lot! We did baby led weaning with Ami too she eats anything.. I mean anything! Thanks for linking up hope your little boy is doing fine after his operation!

    • Thank you! He’s doing really well, you wouldn’t know he had had a GA and minor op yesterday. He also loves fruit, will work his way through a punnet of berries if given half the chance. It’s a good habit! πŸ™‚

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