Magic Moments – Small Boy Update


If you read this blog regularly, or follow us on Facebook, you’ll know that Small Boy had minor procedure, under anaesthetic, last week, to have grommets inserted, because of chronic ear infections.

I will be blogging about the actual day, tomorrow, but I thought I would update how he is doing. The day itself went incredibly smoothly and easily, and he handled it all really well, and we are already seeing a difference in his behaviours and hearing. He seems to be reacting to louder noises, and we definitely think he is talking more, and responding better. He also seems much calmer, and less prone to the very emotionally draining (for him and me) meltdowns. He clearly isn’t in pain, and seems happier in himself. He has been a bit physically aggressive on occasion this week, but,.I have spoken to a couple of parents who have been through similar, and apparently that’s normal, a way of reaction to his newfound better hearing and we are dealing with it, and hopefully it will pass.

He seems slightly more confident, in himself, which is wonderful to see, and when we went to his toddler dance class on Friday, he was like a different child, and all the other parents and the teacher commented, on how happy he seemed, and how much better he was handling things.

The sleep? Well, that’s another ball game, that we are going to gently work on, over the next few months and weeks. We have all gotten into some bad habits and let things happen because the path of least resistance in terms of who slept where, bedtime routine and sleeping patterns to make life as easy as possible, but now we want to get into better bedtime routines, and at least have him sleep in his own bed, the majority of the time. I am not anti co-sleeping, but I am tired, and don’t sleep well, when he is in the bed with us, constantly, so hopefully we will make some progress. I am not calling what we are doing “sleep training” and we will not be doing any form of cry it out, because we don’t feel it will work for him, or for us. I plan to talk about what we are going to do, in another blog post too.

So, there you go, an update, and it truly was a magic moment to see him so happy and confident, and to know that we made the right decision in terms of an operation, instead of waiting it out. Once we are all getting a bit more sleep, things will definitely be better in the Mad House!

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  1. Karen i am so pleased that after all this emotionally draining and upsetting time he is now moving forward and you know this will help him.

    I am so hoping things keep progressing in this way you will all be sleeping in your own beds soon and will be happy too.

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments xxx

  2. So glad to hear that they are in and you (and he) are noticing the difference so soon! Both our boys had/have grommets and it made such a difference for them. In fact the youngest still has 1 of his which I was pleased about when we had to fly.

    Good luck on the sleep part – our eldest took a long time to sleep through if that it any consolation x

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