Well, that’s torn it then….?

Sorry, I realise that the title of this post is probably a little humourless, give that I am blogging about a foot injury.

Last week, I rather stupidly, tripped down the last two stairs, on our staircase, at home. I went right over on my ankle, on my right foot, felt it “pop” and then go numb. Then a tremendous wave of pain hit me, like I have never felt before (and I have given birth to a 9lb+ baby with no pain relief, and have broken toes, my fingers, had operations on my feet, and suffer from the occaisonal migraine that knocks me for six, but this pain was different) and actually thought I might pass out. Big Girl was with me, and managed to help me to hobble to the sofa, got me my phone so I could call LSH, and she also got me some ice, and the First Aid Kit.

I thought I had simply sprained my ankle, because once the initial pain had subsided, apart from some swelling, it felt manageable. I took some pain relief, kept it elevated and iced, and went to bed, that night, thinking it would heal itself.

Sadly, that was not to be, and when I woke up on the Friday morning, my foot was badly swollen, and so painful, I couldn’t put any weight on it at all. Shooting pains through my foot, I couldn’t wriggle my toes, or bend it.

Some phone calls made, and later that day, my Dad very kindly taxied me to the local walk in clinic, which has x-ray facilites, as I was worried I may have fractured a bone or two in my ankle and wanted it checked out.

A somewhat long wait, to be seen by a triage nurse, then sent for an x-ray, then assessed by a Nurse Practitioner, who then sent me to see the doctor on call. The conclusion: A torn or ruptured tendon in my ankle area. Likely the Peroneus Brevis tendon. Sent home to rest, keep icing it, take pain killers, not to bear weight on it, if possible and return in a few days, once the swelling had subsided, to be seen and assessed by a physiotherapist.

Now, resting and healing is pretty hard, and boring, frankly. I hate sitting around, and hate being unwell and or in pain. I spent a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook this past weekend, and got fed up pretty quickly with my invalid state. My main problem is pain, and trying not to go over on my ankle again, and doing further damage. I am supposed to be resting, but to be honest, that’s a joke, with two small children in tow, school summer holidays about to start, and a house to get in good shape for my in laws to arrive. “The Foot” as it is now not so fondly named, is my nemesis, yet I have to and want to be gentle with it.

So, tomorrow, I go to see a physiotherapist, and next week, I have to have an MRI to see what, exactly, the damage is. If the tendon is just torn, then rest and physiotherapy will hopefully be all I need. If I have ruptured or badly damaged a tendon or tendons, then it could be more complicated. To be honest, a simple fracture would have been easier, less painful to manage and healed faster.

It’s going to be a long summer….

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    • Thanks. Physio thinks it’s the second, less serious injury, still a long healing time, but feel a bit more positive today!

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