Room 101 – 3 things I would love to send there!

So the lovely Cas, from MummyNeverSleeps, tagged me in her Room 101 post. You know how it works, you name some things you dislike, intensely, and would like to see gone forever, and usually there’s a vote to see if people agree with you. I have been challenged to name 3 things, or possibly even people, that I would love to send into Room 101, never to be allowed out again. This is a bit of a challenge for me, because, to be honest, there are plenty of things I could send in there, but here goes nothing, and I have come up with 3 of my most detested things…

If you would like to play along. The rules are few and simple. Room 101 was a popular TV show where celebrities chose things they hated to be banished there. We follow pretty much the same pattern: We have all linked up with Helen from Stickers, Stars and Smiles to share our room 101 wish lists.

The idea for the Room 101 meme is simple:

  • Pick three things/people/whatever that you would shove in a room never to see the light of day again (Room 101)
  • Explain why should they go in there
  • Tag three bloggers to carry the meme forward (if you want to).
  • Be great if you can display the badge so people know where to go to look at all the lovely posts in the meme too.

So here are mine:

Number 1: Adverts for incontinence products for women (why do they never do them for men??) on the TV. These drive me potty (pardon the pun) and make me want to scream! Seriously? Some rather glamorous looking woman, out on a date with a hot man, would have us believe that she struggles with a bit of an “oops” now and then in the bladder department, but of course, all is wonderful, because she carries a packet of Tena Lady incontinence pads in her handbag for such emergencies? She and the hot man are able to laugh as she trips over, rips her skirt, gets her skirt caught in the lift, drops her bag etc. Really? I have had two children, I will not discuss the state of my poor battered bladder, in public (I hear a general sigh of relief, all round there) but I can tell you, that the whole thing is not glamorous or even remotely funny, and I have never been inspired by any of the patronising, and silly adverts that Tena like to foist on us. Send those silly adverts to Room 101, and never allow them the time of day to be aired on television again, I say!

Number 2: I can’t believe I am going to say this on my  blog, and face the likely roar of disapproval that will follow, but it’s my blog and my Room 101, so here goes…

All the musical, singing, acting, modelling, dancing, talent shows, that currently grace our screens! Yes, you read that right. I loathe them. I refuse to watch them, having glimpsed a few minutes here and there of a few of them, and they annoy, irritate and infuriate me. Britain’s Got Talent, So You Think You can Dance, Britain’s Next Top Model, the whole kit and caboodle should be hurled into the dark abyss that is Room 101 and locked in there forever. I hate the drama, the ego slaying, the humiliation, and most of all, the lack of talent. So a few people have gone on to find fame, aka Susan Boyle and a few others (whom off the top of my head, I can’t name, because like I said, I don’t watch the programmes to know who they are) but in reality, most of the people on these shows are desperate for stardom, of some sort, only to be shot down by a bunch of overpaid, mean, can’t find work anywhere minor celebrities, who end up judging these dreadful competitions, whilst  I am a bit of a purist, and I think these programmes don’t foster talent, musical skills, the ability to actually write or read music and frankly are a load of drivel. There, I have said it, I will go and hide now! 🙂

Number 3: I reckon we can all agree on this one. Michael Gove. Our current, much loathed and  infamous Secretary of State for Education, who seems to think he is the expert on all our children’s welfare and educational needs, despite probably never having actually been inside a school since he left his own, ever so many years ago. He likes to spout forth on all the things he wants to do to further ruin our education system, give the poor teachers who are already struggling to cope even more paperwork and assessments to test out on our children, keep our children in schools for longer hours, make them be tested within an inch of their lives when they are barely potty trained, and is generally the bane of headteachers, teachers and educational professionals lives with his grand, unrealistic plans for schools and children. Please, can someone stuff an apple in his mouth, throw him in Room 101 with Simon Cowell et al and put someone who has actually worked in our education system, and knows what they are talking about and is prepared to actually listen to the people working in and using the system (i.e. parents and teaching staff) in charge? Do I hear a roar of YES?


So, lovely readers, those are my top choices for Room 101. If you feel the need to comment, or add your own, please do. Or you can click on the linky below and read some of the others, (they are hilarious, if you have given birth, make sure you have your Tena Pads handy, that’s all I am saying ;))

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  1. Ha ha – Tena pads at the ready, eh?!!? Thanks so much for joining in. And I couldn’t agree more with you – Michael Gove in particular need a good old shove in that direction as he endevours to mess up our education system single handedly. A teacher friend of min had a birthday recently, a special birthday, an the cake had a picture of Mr Gove upon it – she took great pleasure in cutting and sharing out the pieces I think! 😉

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