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We aren’t quite ready to go back to school, in fact Small Boy doesn’t start nursery properly until the middle of September, but Grandma took the children shoe shopping, and he got his first pair of proper school shoes. I am feeling very emotional about the whole thing, he seems to be growing up far too quickly. The grandparents are here for another few days, we are trying to maximise the time they get with the children, before they return to South Africa. I discovered that you can make fantastic gluten and dairy free Yorkshire puddings, and we have tried the recipe out on Toad in the Hole too. I ordered a Fit Bug as part of my #getfitmummy mission, and Big Girl came down with a brief spell of lurgy, which thankfully didn’t last too long. The other Grandad took the children for an afternoon so I could do some work, and they had a lovely time, as usual. Thrown in for good measure is a photo of Layla, looking grumpier than normal.

I cannot believe that August is almost over. Enjoy the weekend!

That’s our week. I’ve linked up with Make Do and Push

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  1. Ooo the fitbug looks good! I am using the pramometer app and going to buggy fitness so will join in the #getfitmummy. I was never very sporty but it seems a bit more important now that L is here that I am fitter. Love the grumpy cat, our two are both very grumpy since L arrived hopefully they will cheer up soon. Nice linking up through Make Do and Push!

    • I am really hoping the fitbug helps me work out how much I need to do and show me what I am burning off. When I am able to start running again, it will be very useful! My older cat doesn’t love the kids much, although they adore her!
      Thanks for commenting!

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