Week loss – week 3


This week, I got a bit of a fright and also had a minor panic attack.

The fright was induced by having weighed myself using the scales in the local pharmacist for the past two weeks, which had given me the weight readings I kind of expected. When I went and bought a set of scales for home (because traipsing with the children to the pharmacist to weigh myself involves a cavalcade of chaos, and frankly the pharmacist’s assistant looked a bit scared when we reappeared last week, apparently Big Girl asking her all sorts of questions about what medicines she had, and why she wasn’t a doctor, and Small Boy trying to rearrange the whole counter of homeopathic and herbal remedies into a size order he thought was better than the display they had set up, had left it’s mark.  I prefer to be able to monitor my progress at home anyway) and stood on them, they told me I was 14lb heavier than I had been told the previous two readings on other scales. Cue a huge flap, a freak out about how I could have a) gained nearly a stone in a week, or b) that the pharmacist scales were totally inaccurate.

You know that saying, “these scales can’t be right, they must be adding weight”? Well, in this case, these scales were actually a dud set, and were not working. After calling the pharmacist, who assured me that his scales were calibrated correctly and pretty accurate, I took mine back to the shop and it turns out it’s a fault, and they replaced the scales with a properly working set, and now I can breathe a sigh of relief and carry on.

I also had a mild moment of anxiety, whilst walking back from Richmond this week, as part of my exercise goals, to walk for 30 minutes each day. My ankle was hurting, and I had to stop and rest for a bit, and the thoughts that flew round my head went like this “I will never shift this weight”, “I am never going to be able to run properly again”, “I hate my body”… I had to give myself a stern talking to. Weight loss and getting fit is HARD work, and takes time, effort and patience. As much as I wish there was a magic tablet or potion that would melt this weight away and that I could wake up tomorrow 35lb lighter and in shape, it isn’t going to happen overnight, and I need to just knuckle down and get on with it, and remind myself that I am working towards a goal, when I feel these moments of panic or despair that I won’t get there, hit me.

So, this week, I have lost 1.5lb. I wasn’t expecting to loose as much, with my in-laws taking us out to eat, and various social events where meals have not been in my control in terms of what I can choose to eat, but now life is returning to normal, I am back onto it and enjoying eating more healthily.

I have done a fair amount of walking, and the FitBug shows me how much I do, and how far I walk. I was quite surprised. I don’t drive so probably do walk a lot more than I thought and no wonder my children are exhausted because they are usually with me and walking too!

I enjoyed a swim, too this week, although will be looking forward to when I can keep up with the very fit and fast older ladies who glided past me in the lanes, and who can do 5 laps of the pool  in the same time it takes me to do 2 or 3!

So, #GetFitMummy goals for this week:

  • Swim after work once this week
  • 30 minutes of brisk walking, possibly even a gentle jog thrown in, if I can manage it
  • stick to the 5:2 and also my lower sugar/carbs plan
  • Start doing stomach crunches and some stretches


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