Saturday, you came round fast. Sat Cap away…


I am not entirely sure if he was skipping for joy at having escaped a supermarket shop with the children, unscathed, or if they were doing a dance, but I am sure this could be captioned?

Click on the linky to find some more Sat Caps at MummyNeverSleeps as Mammasaurus is on a weekend jaunt.

Mammasaurus – Saturday is Caption Day!

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  1. Photo from CCTV footage of the so-called “Sainsbury’s Groper”, believed by police sources to be a very small local man who disguises himself as a plastic bag, in order to get close to his victims.

    • ha ha, considering he had already tried to lick an old lady in the check out queue and the cash machine, I am not surprised the police weren’t out to find him!! (Matthew, not Charles!)

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