• I’m sure there must be! The kids actually posed and took this shot, they got hold of my phone when I was busy downstairs. We all thought it was a good Silent Sunday photo. I’ll have to start paying them commission soon!

  1. Hello from the link-up!

    How cute! I think this would make me smile if I found this picture on my camera!

    • She’s got a great eye, and a very steady hand. I was most impressed, but she has taken some great shots over the summer with my camera and the camera phone. I think we will be getting her a camera of her own for Christmas. Matthew put the ducks there, (he’s obsessed with them, and I heard giggling and found them, using my phone to take photos of the ducks, kissing on the toilet, I clearly have to be careful where I leave my phone! πŸ˜‰ )

    • They did it. I found them giggling, in the bathroom last week. They had put the ducks on the seat and Em had taken a whole host of pictures, they’d got hold of my phone and she knows how to work the camera.

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