Week in photos. What happened to the weather?

Where did the sunshine go? All of a sudden, it’s raining, chilly and everything feels damp. Yuck. I have had to put the heating on, dig out my hot water bottle, and the cats have spent most of their time curled up in cosy balls in various warm spots. I wish I could do the same.

It’s been a busy week:

photoweek4Big Girl started Brownies and violin lessons, I am back to work and am still trying to work out juggling work, home, and keeping it all running smoothly. I know I will get there, but it seems a bit crazy. I am slowly getting ready for Small Boy to start nursery next week, and yes, I want those boots. I am going to save and sell some stuff on EBay to get them!

What we’re watching, reading or listening to:
Photoweek1What I am eating:  (or not, in the case of the brownies, I had one tiny bite, they were divine, a lovely friend of mine bakes for our toddler music group, these brownies all vanished in short order) Photoweek3I also had a take away breakfast from Subway this week, which isn’t a wonderful choice nutrition wise, but it was one of those days and it was a plain egg roll, so it wasn’t too bad. Am also trying to up my intake of oily fish, as part of a healthier eating plan. Salmon goes down well with all members of the Mad House, cats too!

That’s our week. Don’t forget to link up with Make Do and Push for her weekly blog hop.


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    • They do an App too, which is way not good for my diet. There is one literally less than 20 feet from my work, but I am showing restraint now, and will try and avoid lunch there for a while! 🙂

    • Oh yes, I won’t be buying them unless I can scare up some money on EBay or get given some money for Christmas. They are not cheap! I am hoping they will last a LONG time, if I do get them (and hopefully do the washing and ironing too! ;))

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