The busiest day in my week

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Is Monday, and I don’t know how I managed to land it all, on one day. I join The Oliver’s Mad House Magic Moment’s linky every week, but because Monday is so manic, and I work Tues-Thurs, I often don’t get to look at any of the other lovely blog posts in the link up until the following weekend. I am hoping to be able to get an ipad some time in the next few months, which will make blogging, and keeping up so much easier.

So, my Monday looks like this:

Up and ready for school as normal. We collect Small Boy’s mate Max at school, and he comes to ours for a play, and some lunch, and if we need to we run to the park, or to the local soft play, to burn off some energy. I then drop both boys at nursery, and run into Kingston to work, to set up everything for our toddler music group, that meets the next day. It’s easier to set up in advance and be organised. I then fly home (well, if the 65 bus is being co-operative) and head to school to sit in on Big Girl’s  violin lesson, for half an hour. Then it’s collection time, I collect both children, and we head home. We do reading, and she and I prepare to get ready to leave the house at 5pm for Brownies. LSH arrives home, to dinner on the table and Big Girl and I head out. We do Brownies from 6pm-730pm, then get home. Once a month I will then be heading off to Book group, or occasionally something else. By the time I get home, and have eaten supper and got ready for the next day, I feel like I have walked quite a few miles, burned off a lot of calories, and generally run around like a lunatic. I don’t think I actually sit down or take a breathe all day. To be fair, I like keeping busy and get bored if I am sitting still doing nothing for too long,  but the song Manic Monday by The Bangles seems an appropriate theme tune to start my week. (No Valentino kissing for me, though, I have LSH! 😉 )

So, I am off to start another week. Don’t forget to click and visit other blogs in the link up.

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  1. Gosh I’m tired just reading that!
    I have to admit I’m having an especially relaxing child free day today and have spent it with my feet up on the sofa doing blog jobs – hence me working my round all the #MagicMoments now 🙂 x

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