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This week has been ok, but I have a confession to make…

I haven’t weighed myself.

For two reasons: It’s that “time of the month” (yes, I will talk about hormones and girl stuff in the post, Dad, you can stop reading now, if you want to) and I feel bloated, I know I am retaining fluid, and I just felt that I didn’t want to see how much. I really hate hormones and the effect they have on our bodies. PMS? Blah! Weight gain from fluid? Blah! Skin breakouts? Blah! I also didn’t weigh myself because I managed to drop the scales down the stairs. No I wasn’t hurling them around in a fit of rage (PMS induced) I was re organsing the bathroom, and put them at the top of the stairs, and then knocked them, and down they fell. They now don’t work, so I need to go and invest in another set.

So, I don’t know if I have lost weight, or simply stayed the same. Updates next week.

I have however, been for my first run, although I would probably call it fat lady jogging, to be honest, because I am SO unfit and now I am realising it, and relishing getting back into far better shape. I pushed Small Boy, in the 15kg running buggy. He weighs 18kg, which in total makes 31kg, from our house to Richmond, almost 2 miles, and I did jog most of it. I did stop a couple of times to breathe, and contemplate calling 999 for some oxygen to be delivered by ambulance, but my brutal cheerleader and exercise coach in his carriage was having none of it, and the yells of “go faster Mummy, I like this, run, run” and “noooo, don’t stop, keep running” spurred me on! I can cheerfully say that my leg muscles are still not speaking to me, and bits of me that haven’t seen much exercise for a long time are still wondering what on earth hit them. It’s a start and I mean to carry on.

I really enjoyed reading your link up blog posts last week, and how honest and frank people are with their weight loss/fitness issues and goals. I loved AtoZ Mummy’s honesty and how she has motivated herself, and I am in awe of Jaime at The Oliver’s MadHouse because she is playing hockey and enjoying it by all accounts.

I had planned to write about diet pills and diet plans, and diet food substitutes, tonight, but to be honest, I am tired, I have a dose of whatever delightful lurgy my lovely children have kindly shared with me, and I don’t think I would be able to write much more coherently. My goals for this week are

  • run with the running buggy (I am a glutton for punishment) at least one
  • two attempts at running in the evenings this week
  • book myself a head and neck massage with my wonderful friend Nina, (you can find her page here )
  • Swim after work, on Thursday
  • Maintain my low carb, low sugar eating plan

That’s it for this week, I promise next week will be much more interesting. I am off to bed to nurse my poorly feeling head and hope my sense of smell and taste returns soon.

If you would like to link up, and grab the button, and share on Twitter or Facebook, please do and I will enjoy reading some inspirational posts and catching up.


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  1. I think I’ll have to try knocking my scales down the stairs – may be they will give me a better reading then?!! I realised how unfit I was when I walked back from taking Grace to school this morning. I’ve linked up as I’ve just started a Detox programme x

  2. Honey i am super impressed at how well your doing honey, i so wish i could jog …… i need a partner but fear your too far away to become my jogging partner in crime!

    Hockey makes me want to chuck up (the sprinting) mind you i sat sprinting but its more like mr blobby on acid! lol

    Thanks for hosting x

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