Goodbye, it’s not you, it’s me…

We’ve had fun, and as our relationship grew, we developed a bond. You kept me company in the wee small hours when I was awake with a non sleeping small boy, and you have cheered me up on my commute to work, and when I have had five minutes with “nothing to do”, you were there for me. You’ve entertained, frustrated me and tested my patience and rarely a day passes where I don’t spend time with you, or you cross my mind, or I see something on Facebook about you. We have mutual friends who also adore you and want to spend time with you and we share things about you and bond over your presence.

But, I need to end this, it can’t go on. You take up too much of my time, you are all take and no give, you are costing me time and money, to my shame, and I find myself thinking “there must be more than this?”.

It’s not you, it’s me….

Ok, I lied, it is you. You are addictive, time consuming and I can’t help wondering if I should have given you up sooner. A few of my friends have expressed concerns and think it’s high time I gave you up. I have spent far more effort on you than I ever should have, and if I am not careful, you will have a greater place in my life than is ever good for me.

So, Candy Crush, it is you, and you are now gone from my life, and I am free, and will fill the void you leave with other, more productive things. We have had fun, but the time has come. Goodbye….



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