Wordless Wednesday – This boy

Starts nursery (pre school) today. He is SO excited and ready to join some of his friends who already are there. He had a hair cut yesterday, and I prepped and packed his bag to take with him.  I have already cried and feel very emotional about the whole thing. I have blogged about it here


Happy Wednesday

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    • Thank you. It was a good day, and he handled his session at nursery so well and wants to go back tomorrow, which is a good sign. His teacher is so lovely, and it is such a lovely place, I would stay and play too, if they would let me! 🙂 I am feeling a teeny bit better about the whole thing!

  1. Thank you. He had a great day, and only wobbled at bedtime. I am tired now, and looking forward to bed, and hopefully he enjoys the rest of his week!

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