Operation Get Mummy Sleeping!

Yes, I am writing about sleep, once again. Just when you thought I couldn’t write any more about sleep, and that we were actually getting some sleep, I thought I would bore you with  more of my sleep woes. Yes, some of the Mad House are getting sleep, sadly not all, and you guessed it, that’s ME! Bonus points to those who said it before they read it!

I am tired, and my poor body is so messed up sleep wise, my circadian rhythms are all over the place. I could cheerfully go to bed every night at 8pm, and sleep like the dead, but I would be awake at 3 or 4am, with my body thinking it has had its allotted sleep amount, for the night, then by 9am I am a miserable, coffee guzzling wreck. Or I get to a point where I am not in bed before midnight, and then my brain is over active, and I am awake until 2am, and have to be up for the day at 6am, and again, I am a coffee guzzling wreck by 9am. (Just ask my children or my fellow mummy friends who meet me at the school gate at drop off time)

So, now that Small Boy is in a much more normal sleep pattern, and things are on a more even keel, Mummy needs sleep too. I need to retrain my tired, confused body, and mind, and start getting into better going to bed, going to sleep and staying asleep habits. More than 3 years of little sleep (I didn’t sleep well when pregnant, so it all adds up when you think about the sleep issues we had with Small Boy as well) and having sleep issues of my own, have really put me into some bad habits.

I have tried various non pharmaceutical things, homeopathy, aromatherapy, sleep CD’s, etc, non of them work. I have tried sleeping medication, both over the counter and the hefty prescribed stuff. Sadly, the alternative stuff does little or nothing, and the medication either makes me feel like a zombie the next day, or sends me into what is known as the paradoxical effect, and makes me as high as a kite and hyper. SO, those are out too.

My solution is simple (and no it doesn’t involve gin)

I’m implementing a new night-time pattern, and adding melatonin to my regime. I have taken it before, and have seen it used successfully with adults and children with mild sleep issues and because it doesn’t give me any side effects, and helps me go to sleep, and seems to keep me asleep, or if I wake before 1am, I can take it and go back to sleep, it actually helps. Melatonin is not available in the UK, for licensing (ahem, read cost) reasons, so I am having some brought back from the USA where it can be bought over the counter (this isn’t illegal, I promise, I am not starting a black market sleeping pill trade!)


I am also going to:

  • Getting a light therapy light to help my body clock adjust
  • Be in bed by 10pm most nights, where possible.
  • Ban all mobile phones and media devices from the bedroom
  • Changing the light bulbs in our room to lower voltage
  • Upping my magnesium and vitamin D levels (this is being done on advice of my GP, I had some blood tests done, and my D levels are low, and this could be a contributing factor
  • No alcohol on week nights, no coffee after 12pm, I find both work as a stimulant, then I crash, then I am awake again.
  • Using a white noise machine  to shout out other noise

So, hopefully, all of this will help to send me off into the land of nod, and keep me there, otherwise I will either have to start getting Starbucks to sponsor me (no, wait a minute, they don’t pay their taxes, maybe Costa will do) and we will get shares in ridiculously expensive under eye concealer and eye cream, because they keep me from looking worse than I feel (no mean feat, I can assure you)

Wish me luck, and if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them. This Mummy NEEDS SLEEP!

*As always, seek medical advice for health issues, and if you have problems with sleeping speak to your GP for help and input*

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  1. Have you kept a sleep diary? Which includes looking at the activities you do throughout the day and your diet? The other steps do indeed sound good and I wish you the best of luck.

  2. You sound like you are in my head with this sleeping malarkey! I never got any sleep when I was pregnant with Grace and I still don’t now she is nearly 7 (not because of her I hasten to add!!). I will be interested to see how you get on 🙂 Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  3. Good luck with that! My lack of sleep in the past has been stress-related, now I’m in a happier place work-wise I’m finally getting the shut-eye I want and need. Any stress to be banished? I also swear by ear plugs for going into a cocoon (then Hubs is on child standby). Hope you get it sorted xx

    • I think some of it is stress, so I am trying to tune out some of it, and deal with things that might be making my mind overwork at night, when I am tired but can’t sleep.

  4. Oh hon I feel for you, and know just how awful lack of sleep is whether it’s fuelled by the kids or not. Most of my suggestions are already included, but the ones that work particularly well for me are: bed by 9:30, asleep no later than 10. No mobile phone in the bedroom, and if you need for an alarm put it into aeroplane mode. No caffeine after 10am, that gives a full 12 hours between coffee and sleep. Also no liquids after 7pm so I completely empty my bladder before going to bed. If you get really desperate I’ve heard lots of good things about the Sleepio program lately – http://www.sleepio.com/ – might be worth checking out. Good luck!! #PoCoLo

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