I want to be a bit more Yummy, less slummy!

Ok, so I am about to do something that I never, ever normally do, and that fills me with dread, at the prospect.

I am going to post a photo of myself, with no make up on, my hair in it’s usual crazy state, and looking VERY tired.

If you are of a sensitive disposition, feel free to look away, or scroll passed fast. I have made it small, so it isn’t as scary.


So, if you haven’t run screaming, this is me.

I look tired, I know, and pale. I hate wearing make up, because I can’t find any that my skin really likes, and I HATE my hair. I cannot decide whether to grow it longer, or chop it all off. It’s not curly, but it’s not straight, and it’s thick, tends to frizz, and is a pain to do anything too. I am not prepared to get up hours before my kids to straighten or do stuff to it, so it gets pulled back into a tight pony tail or bun, and left to get on with itself.

I get hot, running around at work, and make up doesn’t stay on. I hate the feeling of most things on my skin, but age and tiredness are starting to dictate that I may need to think about using a proper skin care regime, and actually making an effort with make up etc. I work with the public, many of whom have their own children and busy lives and manage to look more presentable than me.

I had a lovely hairdresser, after much searching to find someone who I felt comfortable doing my hair, and who didn’t try to persuade me to do weird things with it, colour or layer wise. Unfortunately for me (and luckily for him) he moved to Thailand, and it’s a tad expensive for me to go there just for a quick cut and blow dry. So, I need to find somewhere else to take on the task of dealing with my mop.

I have also done the “visit the make up counter” thing, and whilst that is fine, you end up spending a massive amount of money, and coming away feeling over made up. I don’t have time to do long make up routines, or faff with eye shadows and liner. I just want simple, but slightly yummier Mummy looking.

I think with my Get Fit Mummy campaign, I have started to realise I need to make more effort, and try and look nice. To be honest, sleep deprivation, and weight gained have combined to knock my confidence, and I have become lazy and get out of bed, do the basics to my skin and hair, then get on with the day, and try not to look in any mirrors.

So, I guess I need to make more effort, and venture out and find a hairdresser, and see if I can find some make up and beauty products that will agree with my skin, wont’ break the bank or make me look like a z list celebrity who went mad at the Rimmel counter.

So, if you know of a good make up artist, or a hairdresser who won’t run screaming when they try to tackle my slightly gingery, a bit frizzy, and not exactly gorgeous locks, please send them my way….

Maybe I should call Trinny and Susannah?



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  1. Great hairdresser, Iris. Mum at church and school. Works in great salon in Kingston. I have the most difficult hair to work with n she’s great. Really takes her time. Highly recommend!
    Don’t hate your hair, it’s a v strong word. Your Heavenly Father has made you perfectly unique. Thank him for the hair he’s given u and ask him to teach you to love and appreciate what you have!

    • Karen, you have a gorgeous, delicate English rose complexion and colouring. so, although i am not a make up artist, i can see why you find it hard to wear make up as it might look heavy. here’s my trick: go to a beauty salon and get your eyelashes tinted – you can choose brown, not black. that helps when there’s no time. also i recommend Benefit Fine one one, which is an all-in-one bluster/highlighted stick that you literally draw on your face then blend in with your fingers. quick and simple and i think the colour would suit you.

      • Thank you. I am going to go and get my eyebrows and eye lashes done tomorrow, and will look at the benefit stuff too. Appreciate the suggestions. Being pale and fair is tricky to get make up to suit! 🙂

  2. Hi Karen, How about one step at a time – you’ve achieved a lot just losing weight and adding more exercise to your day to day regime. I think if you concentrate on that, then the rest will gradually follow – in particular the self esteem. It’s a bit cliche but treating yourself to a haircut, perhaps a manicure or whatever takes your fancy might also help. Having said all that, sometimes when you’re feeling low (and particularly if you’re tired) all the practical advice in the world won’t help – but I think you’re doing amazingly well – and you’ll be glad to know you’re inspiring me to eat less rubbish and walk more 🙂 D x

  3. I think you look perfectly lovely regardless! But as a fellow fair-skinned face, I’ll tell you that I like Everyday Minerals, specifically the Matte base in Fair. I don’t know if you can get those shipped to you or not, but the tone suits me better than other lines (it’s a bit more pinky). With liquid base, I don’t like the feel or how if I rub or scratch my face or sweat, it comes off and looks uneven, but with mineral makeup, I don’t notice it at all. I even sleep in it (shh).

    At the end of this post I list everything I like to use: http://www.hobomama.com/2013/06/why-i-wear-makeup-crunchy-feminist-perspective.html And include a picture of me makeup-less so you won’t feel alone. 😉

    Also, I do not do anything fancy with my hair, like, ever, but I have found the way I wash and dry it to make a lot of difference in the texture and manageability. Here’s a post I wrote on it: http://www.hobomama.com/2012/04/could-your-straight-hair-be-wavy.html

    But, gosh, wouldn’t it be nice to have Trinny & Susannah swoop in and “save” us?

    • Thank you! I’ve just found that I can get Everyday Minerals on Amazon. I think something like that might “feel better” on my skin. Makes sense. Will go look at your other links too! Appreciate the input!

  4. I can totally recommend my hairdresser who is not exactly local but could be a nice occasional Saturday treat? I don’t do make-up anymore unless I’m going out somewhere special. Fortunately most of the mums I see daily are bare faced too which helps! Good luck though and remember a smile is the most beautiful thing on a face 🙂

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