The A-Z of me!

So, the lovely Sophie, from Franglaise Mummy (I love her blog, go check it out) has tagged me in a post called The A-Z of me. I thought I might give it a whirl, and see if I could come up with some fun or interesting things about me, from A-Z.

A – ants I loathe them! They make me react the way other people do to spiders!

B – bananas, I’m weird, I love banana flavoured things like cake, but can’t stand actual bananas.

C – cats. Love them, (as you may have guessed) we currently have one part Persian, Layla, and a feline dustbin (he eats everything) called Jasper. I’d like a Burmese or a Siamese one day. Coffee, I love it. The only time I can’t drink it, is when I am pregnant, in fact, going off it is one of the first signs I might be pregnant.

D – daddy’s girl, that’s me, even at the age of 37!

E – earrings, I pierced my own ears, at school, and had 6 in one ear, in my early 20’s

F – we also have fish, currently freshwater Mollies and Guppies who like to produce hoards of babies. I feel like I run a fish crèche.

G – Gordon’s Gin, with tonic, ice and Lime is my favourite tipple

H – hats, love them, can never find one to suit me

I – idiots – I don’t suffer fools

J – jam, with peanut butter on toast, mmmm

K – knitting, self taught, I make baby clothes, when I have time.

L – love, my family means the world to me

M – Malawi, is the country of my birth. My Dad was working out there, when I was born. I have never been to visit, since we left when I was a toddler, but one day, I will go back.

N – I trained as a paediatric nurse, I will return to nursing when my children are much older.

O – olives, adore them, we go through masses each week.

P – protests. I’ve marched to Downing Street twice, once as a student and once as a working nurse, and I’ve stood behind a picket line.

Q – Queen both her Majesty, I love watching and reading stuff about her, I think she is amazing and also the rock group. I cried for days when Freddie died, my children know most of the lyrics to most of their songs, and I have every album they produced bar one.

R – reading, my favourite hobby

S – snakes. I had a pet garter snake at school, called Gerald, I also kept stick insects

T – toes – don’t touch my toes, or my feet, I hate it! No pedicures here!

U – umbrella, I always have one, on my person, or in a bag or the bottom of the pushchair. I rarely loose them, my current one I’ve had for 8 years

V – violin, Big Girl and I are learning together, also volcanoes, I’m very fascinated by them!

W – washing up. I love it, my favourite chore, I do a lot of it, and never mind being asked to volunteer to help out at someone else’s house or at an event.

X – X-rays I’ve had 12 in my life, toes, ankle, collarbone, fingers, face, ribs and teeth

Y – Yellow, is actually my favourite colour, but sadly, I cannot wear it, it makes me look dreadful. I love it because it’s a cheerful, fun colour. Pink is my other favourite colour.

Z –  Zzzzz or sleep, I don’t get enough of it at the moment.

So, there you have it.

I am tagging some other lovely bloggers, I hope they join in.



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