Wordless Wednesday – I finally made it to Whole Foods and all I got was…

WW 30th Octedit


I was very excited that a Whole Foods store opened in Richmond, and have been really keen to go and visit, but just haven’t been able to make it yet, with being busy, then struck down by flu. Small Boy and I finally got to drop in there yesterday, and it is my idea of shopping heaven, but sadly he was NOT impressed, and we didn’t stay long. He wanted to go the library and read stories, shopping for organic produce was not high on his list of to-do’s! 😉
I think I will be popping in there next week, in my free hour, before I collect the children from school, hopefully I will be able to browse more and might even get to enjoy some of their food.

(Flu is going, I am still feeling very tired and coughing, but on the mend, I figured these wouldn’t hurt in the battle to rid myself of the last symptoms!)

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  1. Sorry you’re still feeling poorly! We’ve got some bugs going around here as well. Guess that’s the start to winter, hey? Hope you get to enjoy Whole Foods a bit more shortly!

    • Thanks. GP says Influenza A, so no wonder it’s taken so long to get better and that we have felt so rough. Now trying to boost my battered immune system and get my strength back! 🙂

    • Thanks, I am slowly feeling better, it’s been a nasty bout of Influenza A, apparently, so no wonder we have felt so ill!

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