A weekend alone!

LSH and I decided a while ago, that with Small Boy now sleeping better, and handling life more easily post grommet insertion, that it would be lovely if we could have a weekend away, just for us. We haven’t been away, alone, since before we got pregnant with said Small Boy, which is nearly 4 years. I haven’t felt ready to leave him, and he wasn’t ready to be left, up until recently.

We are very fortunate to have my Dad, aka Grandad Ian around at the moment, although he is off on his travels at the end of the month again, so we asked him if he would babysit the children, for the weekend so we could go away. He agreed, we booked a hotel, and were looking forward to it.

Sadly, the nastiest of flu lurgies invaded our home this past month, first the children, who got over it very fast, then LSH, who was sick for two weeks, then me, and I think because my immune system is a little lower due to my psoriatic arthritis, I was hit even harder. It has taken nearly 3 weeks for me to feel almost normal, but I really didn’t want to be in a hotel, in a strange bed, whilst still not fully feeling myself, so it looked like the weekend would be cancelled. We were pretty sad about the whole thing. We have had a fairly tough year, one way or another, and this was our much awaited treat to cheer us up.

But, as I like to say, when life hands you lemons, slice them up, and make a strong Gin & Tonic, drink up and move on…


We decided, after consultation with Grandad that the children would still go to his house, and we would just have a weekend alone at home. I could rest, and sleep, and we could try and catch up on some things that have been dropped or gone down the priority list, when we were both unwell.  We dropped the children off, came home, napped, tidied the house, pottered about, then managed a walk to the local pub, for a really simple but nice meal, then home, for more sleep, and we both slept in the next morning.

MM4thNov1edit(our dinner, at the local pub, simple but delicious) 

When my Dad sent me an SMS, to inform me that the children slept until 7:45am, I was pleased, partly because I was hoping he wouldn’t have to be dragged out of bed to watch CBeebies at 6am, but also that the children had slept well too. Makes life easier all round, really.

We really needed the time out. Marriage and parenting are hard work, and I am a firm believer that maintaining a healthy relationship with your other half, helps you to be a better parent, if that makes sense? For us to be able to just have some time alone, to talk about things, (we did talk about non child/parenting stuff, too, which was wonderful) to just be together, and be able to do things that we normally have to juggle with small children in the mix, in a timely and calm fashion, and get them done properly was also very therapeutic for me. I struggle with juggling parenting, work, home, blogging, admin jobs and all that stuff, and trying to get it all done, and we have a long list of “to-do’s” some of which got ticked off this weekend whilst the children were having fun with Grandad, and I feel better for it.

We all had a lovely weekend, we missed the children (well Layla didn’t, but that isn’t a surprise) but they had a brilliant time with Grandad, and we were all pleased to see each other, when we went to pick them up. We are very grateful for my Dad’s help. (Thanks, Dad, if you are reading this!)


 (Layla, being babied, she was so happy,  all the cuddles, no Small Humans around!)

We’ll hopefully get a proper weekend away for our 13th Wedding Anniversary next spring, but until then, this last weekend, has done the job for now. A weekend alone was just what the doctor ordered!

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  1. So pleased you all had a good time! I love the chance to ‘miss’ the boys if that makes any sense – even if it’s a couple of hours – and hope you are feeling better. #magicmoments

  2. That sounds wonderful even if you did have to miss the weekend in a hotel. To be honest, I think I’d prefer some peace and quiet to potter round me own home rather than pack, unpack, pack and unpack again. Sometimes is nice to relax amongst familiar surroundings and simply take it easy.

  3. awww honey, i am so gutted for you that you didnt get your weekend of choice, however I am glad you got some quality time together anyway my lovely

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

    p.s i hope you get over this soon! x

  4. Good to see you made the most of your weekend, even if it wasn’t as planned. We have one planned for later in the month, we had an aborted mission a few weeks back, where 3yr old was gung ho keen for a sleepover with her best friend, then we had to go and collect her at midnight!! Take two… bring forth the grandparents (what would we do without grandparents eh!) and we’re on a mission similar to yours! #MagicMoments

  5. Even though it wasn’t quite what you had planned, having a weekend at home without the kids is actually quite an amazing novelty and can be just as therapeutic as a weekend in a hotel I think. I bet the cat was pleased to have some undivided attention as well!

  6. Good for you and I hope you will have another trip like this. We are big fans and infact are leaving our brood later this month for 2 nights away at our honeymoon hotel. Somethings are worth organising! Popping over from Magic Moments

  7. Totally, agree, am convinced a break makes you a better person and parent. Glad you were able to get away and have another trip provisionally planned.

  8. Sounds like a very much needed (and well deserved!) break from the norm, such a tonic for the soul. I’m completely with you on the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with the OH. Life can be so demanding and exhausting it’s easy to start getting stroppy over the little details. Often a bit of ‘us’ time is all you need to get things back on track #MagicMoments

  9. Sounds like you had a much needed break even though it wasn’t your original plan! Glad to hear you are all on the mend now…..flu is awful isn’t it! Like you, we need that much needed break for just us. Popping by via #MagicMoments

  10. Sometimes I think a weekend at home without the kids can be more of a rest than going to a hotel – especially if you still go out for meals! It can be strange in a hotel and harder to relax. Not that I’ve had the chance to do either for an extraordinarily long time! I hope you get that Anniversary Weekend away!

  11. Glad you still were able to have a special weekend even if you couldn’t get away. My kids are turning 6 and I’m still dreaming of having a long weekend away (we’ve had an occasional night but not longer…)

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