Thomas and Friends Christmas Journey

We were very excited, when I received an e-mail a few weeks ago, asking if we would like to go as a family, to Hamley’s in London, to meet the Fat Controller from the Thomas the Tank Engine stories, and learn about the Thomas and Friends Christmas Journey, and spend some time having fun in a special toy store. We of course, accepted and set off yesterday for a day of fun, but also to hear about what the Christmas Journey is about.

“The Rev. W. Awdry originally created Thomas the Tank Engine™ as part of “The Railway Series” to cheer up his son when he was sick. In the same spirit, Thomas & Friends™ are celebrating Christmas this year by undertaking an epic journey to help The Fat Controller deliver presents to children in hospitals across the UK and Ireland”

My children are very fortunate, to have not had to spend much time, in hospital, other than the odd visit to have cut foreheads glued, and grommet surgery (Small Boy) and a trip or two to A&E for breathing treatments (Big Girl when she was small, and had reactive croup) but having worked as a paediatric nurse, I know that many children, and their families, spend a great deal of time in hospital, with long term, and often life limiting issues, and Christmas is a hard time, when they want to be with their families, enjoying a special day, but are in a hospital ward instead. Trying to make Christmas special and fun, for sick children, is a really worthy cause, I think, and we are proud to have been asked to support Tracks4Thomas as the Fat Controller takes gifts to children all over the UK and Ireland this year. As a family, we are trying to teach our children that they actually have quite an easy life, compared to other children, both in the UK, and around the world, and we are trying to create an awareness in them, of the world around them. Small Boy is probably too little still, but Big Girl does understand that there are children who are very sick, in hospital, who can’t be with their families, who might not get many Christmas presents, or be at home for Christmas, and whilst she had a fabulous time, during our day, we did have some very serious talk time at bedtime, about how lucky she was, and that she would like to help other children more.

We had a lovely time, exploring what I can only describe as a slightly overwhelming store full of toys and fun things (and not just for children, I think if I had been allowed I could have been a child for the day, and I did sneak off for 5 minutes while LSH was having fun in the Lego section with the children, to explore, I have not been to Hamley’s for a long time) and we also met the Fat Controller, who told the children a story, and explained what he was doing for sick children this year.

Thomas1edit(Small Boy refused to pose for any photos with the Fat Controller, his sister was not so shy!)   

Tracks4Thomas is now live, and you can help him add track, so his journey can continue, and there is also a fabulous competition to enter to win some Thomas toys and a visit to Thomas Land and you can find out where the Fat Controller is going to be as he travels.

I am also sharing this with Magic Moments today.


*This is not a sponsored post, or a paid review, but we were offered the opportunity to visit Hamley’s as a family, and asked to promote the Tracks4Thomas story, during and after our visit.

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    • Thank you. It was a great day out. My first blogging invite, was nice to be able to treat the kids too! 🙂

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