Wordless Wednesday – Leaves, lots of leaves!

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On our way to our weekly dance class, last week, we walked down to Kew Green, and there were piles of leaves, that had been swept up tidily, on one side of the pavement. Before I could stop him, Small Boy ran ahead of me shouting “leaves, lots of leaves!” and promptly destroyed all the piles. I was, I admit mortified, but then the owner of the pub, where the leaves had been piled up appeared,  before I could apologise, laughing, and told me his children had done the very same thing, twice that morning already, and he wasn’t going to bother sweeping them up again, until later in the day, because clearly they were too much fun for everyone! So, phew!!

Excuse my shadows. These were spur of the moment photos, that I collaged together, in a spare moment, no time to edit!

Wordless WednesdayGallery

I’m sharing this on Sticky Fingers, for  the Photo Gallery, this week. The theme is Nature. Stunning coloured leaves, a small boy having fun, on a crisp autumn day, with what nature has provided. I think that pretty much covers it! 🙂

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery
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    • I was very relieved he was so gracious about it, and I may have even joined in, once we knew it was ok! 😉

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