We have a case of Thursdayitis…


It’s funny and it hadn’t dawned on my before, but I am noticing a pattern, in our tiredness levels, the general outlook and attitude and length of temper as the week moves on. Monday morning, we are all keen for school and nursery, and I look forward to the week, at work, because usually, I really enjoy what I do, whilst we may not be skipping around with joy, we are usually all in fairly good moods. But, I have diagnosed a new “itis” and I think it related to being almost the end of the week, and energy levels and all the busyness of the week catching up with us. I have decided to call it “Thursday itis”. It’s not quite the end of the week, so we aren’t delighted it’s Friday and almost the weekend, and we are somewhere in a mini rut, feeling a little frazzled, tired, and tempers fray. Small Boy is more fragile, and less easy to placate and manage, and he willingly goes to bed, when it is time. Big Girl gets grumpy, and I get back a little more attitude and the odd eye roll, and she is also more emotional, and I am just a crabby old baggage, to be honest, trying to offload the week I have just had, (and this one has been more stressful, than usual for both personal and work related reasons) and my patience seems to wear thin and we are altogether a house of grumps by tea time on a Thursday afternoon.

Thankfully, there is a cure for Thursdayitis and it isn’t life threatening, and it goes away as fast as it comes, as we collapse into bed and then we wake up on Friday morning in much better frames of mind and look forward to our weekend.

Now I have worked this out, I am determined to try and survive Thursday’s better, I need to take a deep breath, remember that my children are tired, remember that I have had a long and busy week, that LSH has also been working hard, and have a little grace for him,myself and the children.

Have you had a case of Thursdayitis, or is there another day in your week that sounds like this? Please share some coping strategies in the comments or on Facebook!

And THANK GOODNESS it’s Friday tomorrow! πŸ™‚

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  1. We definitely have Thursday-itis!My youngst has swim lessons on Thursday and boy does it tire us out!By the time evening comes I’m dead on my feet and I fall to sleep at the drop of an hat!Funny how a week can tire you out so much,isnt it! #pocolo

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