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Welcome to my Friday’s Rants from the Soap Box in my Living Room. A small space in the week where I can have a chunter about things that have made me twitch with annoyance or made me question if the world has gone mad or not….
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Dear lady who lives on the opposite end of our road…

I know where you live, I know what number. I also know that you locally are “notorious” because you think that you and your family have lived here so long, that you can get away with appalling behaviour, most of it antisocial, and down right annoying, and that no one will do anything about it. You have a dog, which as dogs go, is quite friendly and harmless. But, you seem to think it is your given right to let your dog use the local green area, where children play, and walk on, every day, on the way to and from school, and in the summer months when it is warmer, as a toilet and you don’t clean it up. Last week, as we were walking home from school, my son got fresh dog poo on his shoes, and I had to spend a gag inducing hour cleaning it off. The week before, a little girl slipped and fell, and landed in some, on the grass, outside your house.

dog pooo

It’s disgusting, dear lady, and it’s a health hazard and it is an offence that can get you a fine….. which it will, because last week, I saw you let your dog out, I watched it defecate all over the grass, and then you let it back inside. What you don’t know is that I recorded the whole incident with photos, and a video, and have sent them to the relevant authorities at our local council, who are DELIGHTED because they have been trying to nab you for years for this, after many complaints, but had no evidence and now they do!

So dear lady, your loose dog poo ways are about to come to an end, and hopefully you will be so busy paying the rather large fine, off that you won’t have the money or time to go out and get rip roaringly drunk and then fight with your other half, in the street, at 1am in the morning and the police won’t have to come out for a while. (But that’s another blog rant entirely!)

There endeth my Friday Rant! Now go and read a few more over at the lovely Mummy Barrow’s blog!


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  1. You are calmer than me. I would bag it up, go to her front door, knock on it and say “I think you forgot this” before flinging it down the length of her hall way.

  2. Excellent rant!! We have a few near neighbours who do this at the local park, I’d love to do what MummyBarrow said & fling it in the house!!!

  3. The woman has a right to see the evidence being presented against her it is going to be very obvious where it was filmed from and who by when she sees the photographic and video evidence if she likes a drink and a scrap you have likely just made yourself the target of her drunken aggression

    • Considering that I am the 11th person, locally, to complain about her in the last 3 months, I highly doubt she will know it was actually me, and the council have said they will not tell her who complained and the case will be dealt with as all other dog foul offences are when reported with evidence. The council have said she will be shown the photos when she is notified. I have published your comment, I don’t normally allow anonymous posts on my blog, if you can’t say what you want with a name behind it, then don’t say it, but I am glad you pointed out her “right” to see the evidence, which she will be accorded, of course. She shouldn’t be letting her dog foul the public walk way, and leaving it for children to fall into and get covered in, or for people to tread in. It’s a £1000 fine, which hopefully might deter her in the future.

  4. Good for you!! We have problems with dog poo around here and it’s nothing short of disgusting to not clean up after your pet. I really hope they do hit her with a hefty fine! x

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