Isn’t modern technology marvellous?

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OK, so I know that e-mail has been around for years, and is used commonly, and it’s not really that exciting, any more, but it was exciting this week, for  Big Girl, when she got her first ever e-mail addressed to her, from Granddad, in warmer climbs, on the other side of the world.

Being fairly internet safety conscious, myself, and also married to an IT and e-mail expert, we are very aware of the do’s and don’t of the internet and e-mail, so she of course doesn’t have her own e-mail address, apart from the fact that most e mail providers won’t allow a child of her age to sign up for an account, she is using one of my mail accounts, which only my Dad has the details of, and that is used for nothing else, and comes down to our  mail inbox box. Just clearing that one up, I have already been questioned, “did you really give your 7 year old an e-mail address?” and of course, no we didn’t. She basically is using our mail to chat back and forth with her beloved Granddad, and it’s fun for her to get messages and photos from him, and she writes messages back, with a little spelling help from me.

You can see the look of delight on her face, as she types away. Little brother is quite jealous. “I want to get e-mail on the pooter from Granddad” (Dad, you best get busy, your grandchildren are products of the 21st century!)


Pardon the messy desk, and general chaos… You weren’t expecting a perfectly tidy room, I hope! 😉

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  1. So wonderful that the two different generations are linked up by technology. My two are six but this post made me realise that soon they’ll be connecting the same way with my Mum / their grandmother.

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