Ranty Friday – Don’t tell me how to run my blog!


Welcome to my Friday’s Rants from the Soap Box in my Living Room. A small space in the week where I can have a chunter about things that have made me twitch with annoyance or made me question if the world has gone mad or not….
I also linked up with MummyBarrow for her Ranty Friday. You can find her blog and link up if you’d like to join in. A good rant can be therapeutic. Click on the link at the end to join in!

So I know my blog is not a big one, it doesn’t generate much income and I don’t have thousands of readers every week – This is not an issue for me, I love blogging, I mainly blog as a journal, or space to write and because maybe, just maybe some of what I have to say might help or support someone, or make someone feel less alone in this mad parenting malarkey! I know I am never going to make millions or be a famous blogger, and that’s fine with me, as I also know how much hard work and effort that requires, and I am not able or talented enough. This is not a “praise me” post, I don’t want to be told how wonderful I am, just stating what I know.

However, this is MY blog. It’s my little space on the internet, and whilst it may not be trendy or glamorous, it’s mine. I am quite proud of it, I like the design (which was put together for me, and is what I wanted) and I don’t want to add lots of adverts or stuff that will clutter it up, and I am also picky about what goes on the blog.

I have recently been told that I need to stop Ranting on Ranty Friday (or Friday’s Rants from the Soap box) and that I need to be more positive, and find good things to talk about. I was a bit peeved, because a) it’s my blog (I think I have said that, already) and b) Friday is my one day where I do have a rant and a chunter, and link up with other bloggers, and the rest of the time I try to stay positive and to make the blog a place where people will want to come and visit. If you don’t want to hear my rant on a Friday, please feel free not to click on the link for that day!

I was also recently contacted by  a company who said they would like to work with me to put some adverts of my choice, on the blog, and that they wanted to help me monetise it. I would love to earn a few shekels from what I do here, so I thought I would see what they had to offer. The mail I got back, basically told me that I would have to re do my blog format, change the look, and style, and a lot of the content, and that the adverts would have to take up a lot of space, and would not always be stuff that I felt comfortable with. Whilst I was flattered to be asked to join a company that puts adverts on my blog, I don’t want to change my blog to change to please someone for commercial reasons.

The blogging world is a funny place, full of different opinions, likes and dislikes. What I like when I visit a blog, may not appeal to someone else, but that’s pretty much like everything in life. I can’t help feel a little resentful, that outsiders think I should change things, to please them. I basically want to say, BOG OFF, it’s MY BLOG!

That’s my rant for today, sorry it’s not very exciting. I am full of cold, again, (what is with this winter, it’s been awful, I can’t remember when we were all last healthy and not snotty!)

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  1. Good for you! I take no issue with people making money on their blogs, or even a bit of advertising but I love to see blogs that are personal. I like reading about people and their lives. I enjoy your blog and an pleased you’re not changing it to please someone else 🙂

    • Thanks. I currently have one set of ads on the blog, but I don’t like them. I would much rather have a non earning blog, that is nice, than clutter it with too much media and make it too commercial. Glad you like it! 🙂

  2. Good for you! I like your blog and don’t feel you should change anything for anyone. Also I love rants! I don’t thing they are so negative, just amusing and intelligent 🙂

  3. Thanks. I felt a bit better getting it off my chest! Apparently one of my not so close family members doesn’t approve of my blog in general, and thinks I am too negative and Ranty Friday just makes me seem nasty! Oh well, can’t please them all! Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  4. oh purlease. Why do people feel the need to moan about the content of somebody’s blog?! I started my blog as my part of the web. Dont tell me, or you, how to run it!!!

    And I started Ranty Friday to channel my rants to one day a week! And yours are hardly full blown rants, they are often sprinkled with humour. And all are well written.

    Some people just need to moan.

    • Thank you. I love your Ranty Friday link up, that’s why I keep mine to one day a week too, to channel it all and I think most people enjoy them. I have decided to ignore the whiners and spoil sports! 😉

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