Get Fit Mummy – Confession time….

Welcome back to my weekly Get Fit Mummy blog post and link up. I am hoping to chart my weight loss and progress to getting fit and in better shape. I will aim to set myself some goals, and also talk about what I am doing healthy eating and exercise wise. I may also take some topics and discuss them, and ask for input, and I would also love some guest posts, so if you are keen, please let me know.

I would love it if people could link up and share their weight loss/fitness goals, and where they are at, and if we could support and motivate each other, on a weekly basis. I am using this as a way of keeping track for myself, and sharing how I am doing and hope we can all help each other along as we walk this journey. I stopped the linky when I was very ill in November, as I basically stopped tracking my weight loss, and haven’t done much exercise since then, as it took my lungs a long time to recover from the Influenza A, then bronchitis, then a chest infection, that I had. I did loose almost a stone, over that period, and over Christmas, only gained 4lb back, which I was quite pleased about.

So, this week is short and brief, and I will admit my weight. Something I have struggled with, actually putting the numbers on the screen, for the world to see.

Current weight: 197lb (14 stone approximately) and my goal weight is 10 stone 7lb which is 147lb. That’s 50lb I need to loose. That’s A LOT. Gulp, that was a hard thing for me to put out there….

This week, I have done a lot of walking, and am planning to go swimming tomorrow, but because I am away at a Brownie camp this weekend, I don’t think I will be able to start back at running until Monday.


2lb weight loss

Swim 20 lenghts

Two run/jog/walks of 20 minutes (not including all the walking I do every day) 

Reduce processed carb and sugar intake (more on that next week) 

So, that’s me. I will report back next week. If you would like to link up, please feel free to grab the linky (a new one is being designed, this one will be the one we will use for now) and add it, and also please free to share on Twitter and Facebook. I have been using #getfitmummy and we also have a Facebook group, if you would like to join us. Grab the button too. I will retweet and share posts and comment on posts linked up here.

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  1. You’re sounding really positive and that’s amazing that you’ve kept your illness weight loss off! I am all positive and shiny this 2014 so will try and get my post linked up by the end of tomorrow (needs writing first lol) x

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