Friday’s Rant from the Soap Box in MY Living Room!


This week, I would like to write a little note, to two great British establishments…

Dear Tax Man (HMRC)

Thank you for your letter, reminding us that we had not submitted our on-line tax assessment form. We are a little confused, seeing as we actually submitted it nearly 3 weeks ago, and have the e-mail and confirmation code to say this, and also note that you have  managed to change our tax code and get it wrong, twice since then, according to what was interpreted by yourselves that self assessment and after contact from us, you have finally managed to put that right so we will be paying the correct amount of tax. I am not sure how many departments you have, or how your system works, but perhaps if you spent some of the rather stomach churning amount of tax we pay you every month on actually having a sensible system and communicated between departments, then us tax paying members of society would not be so befuddled.

Irate & Confused Tax Payer, Richmond

Dear Post Office

I came into today, to send a letter to Thailand. It had apparently been returned to me because the details were “incorrect”. I have double checked, and the details are correct, other mail sent to that exact same address seems to arrive, I am not sure why this particular letter offended your system, and for some reason, you took it upon yourselves to not send it and return it. I am hoping that it will be safely winging it’s way to it’s destination now… By the way, perhaps if you weren’t so busy trying to sell me British Telecom products, home, holiday and car insurance, bank accounts, and a whole array of stuff that I neither need nor want, and actually did what you claim to do, and POSTED letters to where they are meant to go then maybe people wouldn’t be opting to use other companies to post their letters and parcels. 

Irate person trying to post something rather urgent, who doesn’t need a sales pitch, on her lunch break! 

That’s my little moan for this week. Don’t forget to check Mummy Barrow’s Linky and join up if you have a rant of your own to share.


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  1. Having completed my self assessment last week you have my sympathy – I have never been so confused in my life – the whole form seemed to be written in gobbledygook! Who knew that you can’t enter 0 but have to leave it blank!

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